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"Please Sir, Can I have some more?" Food was the starting point of Dickens' Oliver Twist, but what part does it play in other literature? Jane Austin uses food in all of her writing. Mrs. Bennet eager to impress with lavish banquets in the guise of a 'family dinner'. Marrianne Dashwood refusing food as she suffers a broken heart. In Austen's time lavish meals were the norm of high society so it is not surprising she uses this to comic effect.

But what of other authors? Is food just something that happens incidentally or is it central to the plot? Joanna Harris' Chocolat is centered on the confectionery. The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais explores the issues of family and nationality as two restaurants compete. The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood explores the connection between food and mental health.

I could name many more. If you wish to explore this try https://bookriot.com/100-must-read-books-food-in-fiction.

Where does food come into your writing? Is eating central to the plot? Maybe we have a poisoner in our midst. Is it something peripheral to the story? Or do you forget that your characters need to eat? Have your adventurers gone days without food and water, without mention of the effect?

When was the last time you ate potager? If you lived in Tudor times probably every day. How do you fancy some Klingon Gagh? Not available on your high street? Food in fiction must be appropriate to time, place and culture. Imagine turning up in the 7th Century with a frozen TV dinner. What, no microwave?

Food is not just fuel. It holds memories of Granny's kitchen in times gone by. It makes memories of that special event, that certain someone. Your characters are crying out. "Feed me, feed me now!"

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