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You can view the original photo from the ad here: https://i.imgur.com/bALWFPj.jpg
The ad reads like this:

1 bed 0 Baths House
$2,400 / Month

About This Rental:
1 bed
420 square feet
Electric heating

Vancouver Island, Cumberland. Rustic open concept.
$2400/month. Utilities NOT incl.
First and last required upfront.
Damage deposit required!
No pets.
No kids.
No karaoke.
No smoking.
No laundry.
No parking.
Shared bathroom (outhouse, must supply own lye or ash).

You are responsible for lawn mowing.
Improvements are encouraged at a cost to you.

It's come to my attention that THIS really is a great deal!
Of course, I expect to be thanked for this offering. Purchased presents will do, absolutely NO homemade presents.

Please love our home as much as we do!

Rental listings in British Columbia (and most anywhere in the 'developed' world with a scenic view) are ridiculous. I'm incredibly fortunate that I have an amazing rental at a really good price. But many others know the frustration and despair of trying to find a place to call home (You know, for less than ALL of your income).

My friend posted a rental ad in a city in Ontario. It was a pic of an abandoned brick garage with two busted *ss office chairs in it and no garage door. He posted it as "office space for rent $800". I laughed pretty hard when I caught on, and it inspired me to do something similar out here. So I found a pic of the shack at the imgur address in the description and wrote my own ad. Over time it evolved in funniness with suggestions from people who wrote back to me.

Oh the people who write to me.... It's like a sociology experiment vicariously running through a joke. Most people write and THANK ME for the laugh they got. Which surprised me.
In all honesty, I didn't think about responses when I posted this ad.
Some tell me they were getting really frustrated going through the rental ads, found mine and it put a smile on their face *Smile*
That makes me feel great. I like making people laugh. It negates the "evol". You might even say I live to make people laugh (that's why comedians kill themselves).

So most people get a laugh and they send a short friendly message.
Then the people that guarantee humanity's extinction show up.
They usually all say the same thing (of course) "Is this a joke?"

Now how long could you read this and think it was real?
At what point in this ad would you start to wonder if this was a joke?

I actually doubled the price just so it would be SO abhorrently high, people wouldn't need to ask me if I was joking.
At first, I would say "it's satire" but then it dawned on me they wouldn't know what that word meant. And guess what? They're probably not fun (or game) enough to look it up either (not everyone likes puzzles). So I would ask "what do you think?" But thinking was not going on, clearly, independent thought could not take the wheel.
Only the square.
So that didn't work either. Now I just give them a suitable emoji, ignore them altogether or send them a link to a stupid site.

Then another group emerged. A whole other kettle of fish. Muskies, not Pike (fish with aggression but not brains). The third sub-human subsection lack all humour together. They didn't ask if it was a joke they WENT OFF on me for asking this much for this shack (not my shack I got that pic from the internets).

Can you imagine being so tone-deaf to life you actually angrily reply to this ad? I've heard everything from "good luck getting that much for this!" to "you're crazy, NO ONE is going to rent this!" (spoiler alert: I am crazy. Or rather mad, but not angry, not all the time).
I think the best is someone who was insanely p*ssed off that I WOULD make a JOKE ad and post it. They accused me of making light of the rental situation at their expense (and I guess making fun of poor people? Super spoiler: I've been and am a poor people).

Being angry about this ad is the opposite of getting a laugh and a smile from it. It's pretty clearly a joke. That's all you'd think it would do is solicit laughter, but some people just gotta be angry. Which I get. (I'm made out of fighting and grudges are a family heirloom). But dangy, comedy at its heart is observation and social commentary. I definitely project my anger at systemic racism, abuse, the Ocean, renovation projects or guys I used to date who acted like I should have been eternally grateful for the honour to do so i.e.: www.joelchristopherdyble.com *Yawn*

I just wanted to share this ad because it really is an interesting look into the human psyche. The way people read, interpret and respond.
This ad has 3 renewals on it so here's to more interesting responses... The valley I live in is like anywhere; filled with the charming, the tedious and the trivial.

Cheers y'all!
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