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A new cult has appeared since the virus. It is called the Cult of the Idiot. It is possible the cult has existed for centuries, deep underground. It is only with Covid 19 that the Cult of the Idiot has come to the fore, mainly thanks to Social Media.

The worrying thing is those that lead the Cult. First we have the Grand Dimwit aka Donald Trump, then we have his second in command, the Master Muttonhead, Boris Johnson.

The Washington Wordsmith

Trump claims virus is communist conspiracy.

Of course it is. That's why so many Chinese have died 'for the cause'.

The London Laughs

Johnson flies to Washington

#Rat deserts sinking ship.

"Hi Mr. T. We need to talk."

"Sure Son, what'sup?"

"I'm not am I?"

"Have I met your mother?"

"I ... I think we need to talk about this Chinese theory."

"You do agree with me, don't you Son."

"Oh, yes ... yes, of course."

"We need to go to China, to negotiate release of the antidote."

"Beg, you mean."

"The Donald don't beg Son."

The Beijing Boaster


"Welcome, Gentlemen. You wish to negotiate?"

"We want ... no, we demand, the antidote."

"What he said."

"Certainly, Gentlemen." Xi called out something in Chinese. A servant produced a bright yellow bottle with
written on it and two glasses. "Antidote, you drink."


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