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Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2227207
Moral quandary of what to do with an invasion of ants.

Hail to the giant ants
Crawling around in my den
It is not often l pretend
They bring joy and do not offend
Hear the clatter of their legs
Sounding like wooden pegs
As they support their glistening armour
And march with great clamour
at dusk

But then, often l detest military beasts
Parading along the ground,
I particularly dread their feasts
They gorge on the miracle of crumbs
That are tossed to them with idle thumbs
But today they are such an unsuspecting army
Rushing along into harm’s way
l am poised above them with a can of deadly spray
Spewing a lethal mist into the horde

I force a smile
l hate to see things die
Who needs ants anyway?
Who will cry?
They paid dearly for their room and board

Washing my hands and sitting down
With a jug of beer in front of me
Acting the clown
Hooray for dead ants!

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