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Rated: E · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2227225
There's more to Amelia's birth than she thinks.
Amelia was only a baby when her father found her by the river bank. He took her in with a kind heart and raised her as his own. His wife, however, did not like the idea because they had a one-year-old daughter of their own. This didn't stop the man from loving Amelia unconditionally for he believed that she will grow up to be a wonderful woman in the future. Eight years later, Lauraine found out that her husband was assassinated by robbers on his way home. This caused her hatred for Amelia to grow even more because she believed that Amelia was a curse to her family. She decided to make Amelia a personal servant. Liza, Amelia's sister, resented her even more than her mother did.

Lauraine: Amelia!

There's no response.

Lauraine: AMELIA!

Amelia comes in running.

Amelia: You called, mother...

Lauraine slaps her.

Lauraine: How many times have I told you to not call me that?

Amelia: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Lauraine: Have you done the laundry?

Amelia: Yes ma'am.

Lauraine: I need you to go to the market and get some food.

She tosses a pouch at Amelia.

Lauraine: And HURRY UP! You have dinner to make.

Amelia: Yes, Ma'am.

Amelia leaves the room.


Amelia was walking along the streets when she heard a familiar voice behind her. She turns around to see her best friend, Camille. Camille was a wealthy and kind girl who always supported and defended Amelia.

Camille: Hey, Amelia.

Amelia: Oh hey, Camille.

Camille: How was the book? Did you like it?

Amelia: You have no idea.

Camille notices the bruise on her cheek.

Camille: (gasps) Who did this to you?

Amelia: Oh, it's nothing.

Camille: It's your mother, isn't it?

Amelia: It's no big deal. Don't worry about it.

Camille: How can she be so cruel towards you? She's a witch!

Amelia: Don't talk about her that way! She raised me.

Camille: To be her slave? I can't bear seeing you like this, Amelia. Last time it was hot soup poured on your dress; she's hurt you way too many times.

Amelia: I know that someday, things will change. All I have to do is hope.

Camille sighs deeply and smiles at Amelia. As they were walking, they noticed a group of people gathered around the city square.

Amelia: What's all the commotion about?

Camille: I don't know, let's find out.

They got closer to the city square and a man is handing out papers. He tosses a paper and Amelia catches it.

Camille: What does it say?

Amelia: Let me see.

She reads out the information on the letter. They look at each other

Camille: A masquerade ball?! I've always wanted to attend one of these!

Amelia: Yeah, me too.

Amelia receives a shove from behind her and she falls. She looks up to see Liza standing there, laughing.

Liza: And what makes you think that you will be eligible to attend? Face it, Amelia; you were born to be a servant. Why do you think your parents gave up on you?

Amelia flinches.

Camille: Leave her alone, Liza. At least she's way better than you.

Liza scoffs.

Liza: Who? Her? Oh please, even an alley cat is way better than her.

Liza takes the invitation from Amelia's hands.

Liza: And hurry with the food, mom's waiting.

She walks away, leaving Amelia and Camille standing there. Amelia sighs as tears fall her face.

Camille: (pats her back) Come on, I'll help you get what you need.


Two boys were walking in the market streets.

Frederick: Zac, we're not supposed to be here. We should be practicing our fencing lessons at home.

Zac scoffs

Zac: Loosen up a little, Fred. The fencing lessons are a bore; I think we should visit these places.

Frederick: But what will your father say when he finds out we're missing?

Zac looks at Frederick and puts an arm around him.

Zac: You talk like this is the first time we've done this; you need to relax, my friend. Look at all the beautiful ladies out here; How about you talk to one? I'll go buy an apple.

Zac leaves. He reaches the apple stand and buys an apple. When he's about to go back, he bumps into someone causing things to fall.

Zac: I'm so sorry.

He starts picking up the things that fell off. His hand lands on a book and he looks up to meet Amelia's hazel eyes. He pauses for a second and they both stand up. He looks at her one more time before she breaks the ice.

Amelia: I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there.

Zac doesn't say anything.

Amelia: Um... C-can I have my book back, please?

Zac snaps to reality.

Zac: Oh, um, sorry.

He hands it back to her.

Zac: So... "The taming of the Shrew" I like that book.

Amelia looks up at Zac.

Amelia: You do?

Zac: I love Shakespeare's books; they're a pure classic.

Amelia: So do I. What's your favorite Shakespeare book?

Zac: The Tempest.

Amelia gasps in amazement.

Amelia: Oh, I love that book, too.

Zac: Really?

Amelia nods in excitement.

Amelia: It's a shame that the book is nowhere to be seen anymore. Ever since the fire accident at the church.

Zac: Um... I have a copy of the book at my house.

Amelia looks up at him in surprise.

Amelia: Really?

Zac nods. Amelia frowns at him.

Amelia: Wait a minute; How am I sure I can believe you? I barely even know, yet I speak to you like we've known each other for a long time.

Zac: How about this? We meet by the tree on top of that hill when the sun is about to sleep and I'll give you the book?

Amelia: In exchange for...?

Zac: I beg your pardon?

Amelia: I don't believe that a man like you would want to give a dame like me something for free. You men always want something in exchange for another. So... what's your price?

Zac: Nothing in exchange; No strings attached.

Amelia looks at him with a suspicious look.

Amelia: Very well, then. I'll be there.

The bells start ringing and Amelia gasps in horror.

Amelia: Oh, no. I have to leave.

Amelia runs off and Zac calls out to her.

Zac: Can I at least know your name?

She left. Zac sighs as he goes back to meet Frederick who was talking to Camille.

Zac: We need to go.

Frederick: Well, what happened?

Zac looks at Camille.

Zac: Well, hello there. I'm Zachary but you can call me Zac for short.

Camille: I'm Camille. Pleased to meet you.

Zac: I'm sorry to cut your conversation short, but my friend and I have to head home this instant.

Frederick: Am I gonna see you at the ball?

Camille blushes

Camille: Maybe you are...

Frederick smiles as they walk away.


Amelia serves dinner to her mother and sister.

Lauraine: So, Liza dear, anything exciting today?

Liza: Actually, yes mother.

She pulls out the invitation from her pocket.

Liza: The royal family is inviting everyone to the royal ball on a cruise.

Lauraine's eyes light up as she hears the news.

Lauraine: Oh my. This is...

She looks at Amelia.

Lauraine: Why are you standing here? LEAVE!

Amelia leaves the room and goes to the basement. She puts on a cloak and pulls out the dagger her father gave her before he passed away. She swings it and stabs the stack of hay at the side. She sighs heavily as she pulls the dagger from the haystack.

Amelia: Ready.

She leaves through the back door and heads out for the hills.

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