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I am jealous on my partner
I am envious
Albeit you stay by me,
You are dark
While the sun shines,
You will laugh at me
When I am happy,
You will cry with me
Without knowing my pain...

You can climb trees
But I can can't,
You can dance with me,
But you won't feel dizzy...
You will be happy
If I get applause....
You will hide behind me
If I get scolded,

I will try hard to get permission..
But you will accompany me
As you are granted.....
Every day I try hard
Without efforts you
Dwell with me,

You won't ever get scolded
You won't ever have feelings
You won't ever have pain
Still you stay with
On the daylight ...
You leave me alone
In the darkness...
I will feel my pain
You will reel my pain,
I am envious
Albeit you are my shadow...
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