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Flash fiction
Ginnie pushed herself hard against the wall. Footsteps were followed by the screeching of the rusty bolt. Here we go. As a body appeared in the open doorway, Ginnie flew at him, kicking and scratching, trying to get past and away.

The masked man grabbed her arm and twisted it up behind her. He threw her back on the bed. "You're supposed to be sleeping."

"I tipped your poison away. If you think my other half is gonna pay for me you're livin' in dreamland, Mister."

"So I hear. I asked him to pay and he said 'keep her'. Guess he don't love you any more, hun."

"Tell me about it."

"So what am I going to do with you?"

Ginnie looked him up and down. Not bad. "We could work together, rob the bastard. I know where the goods are."

"What we talking?"

"Diamonds. He's been changin' his money into them so I can't take him to the cleaners in the divorce courts."

"So where are these diamonds?"

"I'm not telling you but I will show you. Then we'll take off to South America, make a life together. How would that be, hun." She fluttered her eyelashes and tossed her hair.

The door flew open. "So you do know about the diamonds." It was her husband, George. "Ready to run off with all and sundry. Well you picked the wrong person." The kidnapper pulled off his mask. It was Phil, the gardener. George pulled Phil toward him and landed a smacker on his lips.

"What we gonna do with her, Babe?"

"Leave her here to rot. See ya." They left and Ginnie heard the bolt slide once more.

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