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Jesus is Lord!
Church was good y'all I praised myself silly or more saved if either is possible it was sooooooo good to dance like David danced and shoot without the worry of getting kicked out of the church, mocked or told to cool it, see that's been stopping my all-out praise for a minute because I will never forget being lead out by an armed security guard for praising the Lord in my church not a church I was visiting, me and my son, and a nephew were marched out by security, I was told what I was doing was not of God and I wasn't welcomed in my church, but today I praised him like I had lost my mind but I'm not losing it I'm finding it y'all! I was also recently just dismissed from a church because I don't agree with going to a red-neck church if this can even be a thing. I dared to say Hold-up wait a minute what you talking about Willis and was dismissed for being a trouble maker but God my God brought me to a safe place today! Heaven is even better and I can't wait. Can you imagine being told you can't praise God have I lost my mind no but have you is what I wanted to say but God my God who is God has blessed me! He is a deliver his name is Jesus King of Kings.
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