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I started my Blog on writing.com as a way to build my presence on the site. I hadn’t been doing much with my writing for some time, and felt this was a way to get ‘back into the saddle’ as the saying goes.

Blogging is nothing more than an online journal, or if you remember these, a diary. You can make it as personal as you like. Perhaps you want to talk about your family, your dog, your writing, your vacation, or essays about your faith. Maybe you know how to take apart an engine, you know a faster way to knit, there’s a really good recipe for quiche you’d like to share, or list all the books no one has ever read, but should. The sky is the limit.

My blog sat idle for days at a time until I entered a contest where I had to blog for ten days at a time. Then I was challenged to think of a theme and title for my entry. I’m not able to include fancy graphics or videos or artwork. But what I can do is paint pictures with words. Plus I live in a wonderful part of the country. So ‘Porch Ponderings’ was the name I chose. It’s about random goings on in my life from the view of my porch in a small town in Montana. So off it went to the community here at writing.com. It seemed to resonate well with the judges of that contest. I won 2nd prize.

So my advice to you is don’t be afraid to start a Blog. The how-tos are easy. Choose a title, then start writing. Announce your project and let people know you’re out there. People love to read, because writers are readers.

Most of all have fun. Keep Calm and Write On! says the Queen.

Queen Norma Jean in the back of beyond otherwise known as the kingdom of Montana *Crown*

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