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What to do when stuck at home in quarantine
What to do while stuck in quarantine?
We have a list below.
learn a new language
learn how to braid
draw a self portrait
try beat boxing
have a shaving cream fight
Make the toilet look like its smoking
build your fave buildings out of Legos
Teach dog new trick
Build a porch garden
knit something
virtual dating
livestream animals
handcraft puppets
Interview parents/grandparents

Be safe, have fun through life with quarantine!

Greta's grandmother is deaf so learning ASL has meaning for her. So far she's gotten her name down. She hopes to soon be able to at least sign a few words with her grandma before moving on to sentences or more complicated phrases. She knows it will all be worth it in the long term. She hopes she'll be able to sign 'Happy birthday' to her grandmother on her birthday next month. Here's hoping those YouTube tutorials pay off.

Anna's aunt knits like the wind. She wouldn't mind trying some beginning knitting projects of her own but is unsure where to start. A lot of it seems kind of complicated. Her aunt is getting older and she would like to try and bond with her somehow. Knitting seemed like the best route to go. Maybe she'll try some of the simpler knots and patterns before trying anything more complex. She was kind of leaning towards knitting some baby booties herself. Being that her cousin was due date was coming up, she thought it would be appreciated. Maybe she could get her aunt to help her out with that.

Braids are cool, braids are fun, braids are not for everyone. As Emma found out first hand. When her sister said she could do braids, she really should have known better. They hadn't really seen each other much lately and quarantine kept them home so it was suddenly easier to get on each other's nerves. She finally came to the conclusion her sister Rachel was lonely and missed hanging out together. So they decided to just watch 'Frozen' instead. (Her sister's new favorite Disney movie). Maybe she could learn and do her sister's instead. She certainly had the time for it anyway.

Miguel was working on a self portrait. Only he was going off from when he was five years old. He didn't really have too many photos to base anything off of. His mother was really attached to this one so he thought he'd do it and give it to her on his parents' anniversary. He was sure his mother would appreciate it and it would test out his skills as an artist.

Constantine had already built the Eiffel tower and the tower of Piza when he was a kid. Now he needed a new challenge. So he decided to make a miniature of his old house. What better way to see if his memory was still up to par. A little nostalgia never hurt anyway.

Javier never realized how interesting adults' lives could be. He never knew how little he actually knew about his grandparents' lives until he started talking to his grand mother. She told him, growing up, her father had moved around a lot because they picked up whenever her dad could find work. She got to finish elementary school and a bit of middle school before she was needed more at home after he mother died. Her father wasn't happy with her for marrying his grandfather, who was a mechanic. He wanted better for his daughter. But his grandmother told him the moment they met, she knew theirs was a love that was meant to last. She married his grandfather and that was that. Javier had a new appreciation for his grandparents and made sure to check in with them as often as he could.

Elaina had taught her dog Fred to howl whenever a package arrived that she didn't want her husband to know about. So far it seemed to be working but she knew she it would not last long. Using her own money for these purchases helped, but she would have to come clean at some point. She was just sorry it took quarantine to realize she might have a problem that needed addressing.

Irene rather liked the idea of a porch garden. But knew her own expertise in gardening was lacking. The best she could manage was having her husband help set up those succulent plants her family kept sending her and arranging them into her own little garden of joy.

You have never honestly lived until you've had 911 called over a smoking toilet. Having a bored roommate in quarantine can be a nightmare in the best of times. Having to explain that my roommate saw how to make a toilet look like its smoking video and wanted to try it out was even less amusing. Here's to finding a new roommate or finding a new place before we end up evicted.

Bart thought watching his cousins would probably be dull but doable. Having to clean up after their shaving cream fight was not what he expected. Although it had livened things up considerably, he was hoping to have the mess cleaned up before he'd need to explain things to his aunt.

Sara felt there must be something wrong with her since all her attempts at dating thus far had ended disastrous or just plain disappointing. Her friend Diane never seemed to have these problems so clearly it must be on her. Her mother suggested virtual dating. Figured she had nothing to lose she tried it. She met Evan. The two weeks they'd been going at it seemed to be going well thus far. She was hoping things may eventually lead somewhere if she was lucky.

Danielle never thought she'd find herself driven to scrapbooking. But she found herself looking at old memories and it helped bring up better times from long ago. It helped remind her the bad times never staid, good around the bend.
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