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While Waiting On the Phone and trying to reach a Voice from the Unemployment Office
         This is to Anyone having troubles with their local Unemployment Office. Sitting and waiting to Ever Hear from THESE PEOPLE is Really getting Annoying to me. I have been trying to Hear a VOICE from Frankfort,KY since 7/16/2020 and get a response is Exhausting. But yet to sits 7/20/2020 and Need to Speak to these People because I have issues that I WOULD REALLY LOVE to be TAKEN CARE of. Ever apply early to for benefits and YET RECEIVE such HEADACHES to get money from these People in which THEY (Republicans mainly) promising to the somebody Like ME and YET EVER to RECEIVE IT ALL, so for NO LUCK FOLKS. Gov't may say we're gonna help you takes FOREVER if they do in MY CASE. I have called at 8:01 this morning and still trying to hear a voice in Frankfort,KY. See this is a BACKWARDS State. Yet I have to work this afternoon also, will I hear a voice or get ANY HELP AT ALL? That is a Really Good Question to Ever to get asked and HOPE TO GET A RESPONSE FROM. To One and All, I Hope Your with Unemployment Benefits may be a more Pleasurable Experience than mine. I am writing because I Enjoy doing this now in MY FREE TIME. You see How FED UP I Am with them (Unemployment Office) from not getting NO RESPONSE from THEM. I am sitting and WAITING PATIENTLY for THAT BIG POKER DUMP I EVER SO RICHLY WANT and DESERVE. Trying to listen to music HOPEFULLY SOON will HELP ME Tremendously. To listen to Screaming Women and Angels that Sing With the Demon Voice is Beautiful with me at Times. Such Bands as In This Moment ( Maria Brink) , then move to JINJER ( Tatiana ) and Infected Rain ( Lena Scissorhand). Lead Singers are Beautiful with Tattoos and TALENTED ALSO. To have Halestorm (Lizzy Hale) and The Pretty Reckless ( Taylor Momsen) on the side are NOT BAD CHOICES EITHER. Wonderful Bands to EVER LISTEN TO. I am STILL WAITING FOR THAT RESPONSE from the PHONE. Eventually eat a little something then get ready for work shortly. Hopefully By Then You Imagine to get a Response By Then. If that does not work I DO HAVE A WONDERFUL CONGRESSMAN to CONTACT TO BE HELPFUL. I have used him in the past and they are there to SERVE and HONOR the PUBLIC. Good Luck To All And May Your Problems Get Resolved
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