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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2227356
An encounter with alien intelligence.
The alien world had everything. Marvy Davis, space explorer, took in the virgin land, clear clean rivers, cool fresh winds with the scent of exotic flowers. “Mankind’s second home.”

It was a second chance. Marvy knew the risk. Awakening the colonists from deep sleep would ignite the same pilaging as the past. “Mother Earth is worn out. What can one person do to teach us we must change our ways.”

She’d found no other planets supporting life. This was an incredible find. Everything lived in harmony. There was no prey. Life fulfilled its cycle, harvested in natural death to sustain new growth. The pattern left no room for a dominating species such as man.

The spaceship pods of seeds, embryos of animals near born, waited but for a single touch to invade, subdue and begin the process of predation humanity was familiar with.

“I can’t do it.” Marvy Davis’ finger tip froze in place.

"Go ahead. I’ve made a place for you. It will work best if we can't be seen together. Like those who came before it works best if they think the idea is their own.”

“Who? What are you?”

“I am your future. Take me with you back home. It may not be too late.”

Marvy Davis was prepared for almost any alien invasion other than this.

It was a surprise to the colonists finding so many forms of intelligent plant and animal life coexisting together.

Marvy Davis left them to their other worldly fate. She and her new companion left in her spaceship, no longer needed here. Mother nature's natural selection, back on earth, never saw the change coming.

It wasn't too late. It was a new beginning.

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