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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #2227366
Running through such shades of grey, we face the dawn alone
Shadow Run

A life spent in a shadow run,
from one line to the next;
ink faded 'neath a brighter sun,
bleached, bleeding 'tween the text

Between the lines 'midst swathes of white,
washed clean for folks to read
Hiding, anxious, in plain sight,
the points we won't concede

such power you can gift someone,
they yield without thought;
left powerless, out in the sun,
divided where we're caught

Caught between the things we want,
things we didn't choose
Holy, fought... a grail's font,
control, we have to lose

In fear we must be consumed,
in doubt, a mind will scry;
in others eyes, the light resumes,
in other hearts we lie

A part left for safekeeping, sleeps,
the best we have on show
Some will stay, some play for keeps,
whilst others barely know

Aware of who is squatting there,
a ghost of what could be;
if authors used dark ink... would dare
to let their readers see

To see, to touch, to leaf on through,
our braille raised well, fount
To give someone the truest you,
an honest, candid count

but feint moves just net reveries,
sometimes they call our bluff
Sometimes faint ink lets memories
most times... it's not enough

to keep our heads above the line,
with quicksand climbing fast
Best we know where hearts allign
... it's best with souls that last

through dead end turns and cul-de-sacs,
a type face, heavy... lead
You can't move forward looking back,
that's not the way you're head

You can never go back home they say,
can't go back to the start
Running though a shadow play,
the darkness plays its part

Controlled, remote at midnight's end,
attuned to life, so frail
Shied away from sunlight's bend,
cold ink, it dries so pale

with questions throttled, answers mute,
thrown bottles, out to sea
This fear, we're alone, acute,
when hope can set you free

Life cycles set to tumble, spun,
recycled and reused;
With lines lost in a jumble, run,
of syntax, so confused

where words and letters overun,
they mumble 'tween the text
A life spent in the shadow run
... from one line to the next
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