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Experience of watching a horror movie alone.
In the evening of darkness
I was alone in my home
Watching a horror movie
Yet I was frightened
I managed to watch it...

Time moved like a snail,
As I was alone,
I turned off the movie
Yet the sound of wind
Scared me like whispering,
My shadow seemed as dark ghost,
I heard the little footsteps
Tiptoed toward me,
I was scared to death.

Time passed by,
I heard the dogs howling
On the empty streets,
Chirping birds in the midnight
Thrilled me and startled me
As the music of horror movie,
What I could do?
Fairy of sleep didn't embrace me.

I tried to sleep
I felt someone standing near me,
I opened my eyes
Yet I was alone in my room.
I switched on the light
Sat in the corner
Covering me with blankets
Whispering some spiritual words.

It was the longest night.
When the day dawned
I was sleeping in the corner
With a spiritual book,
Knife and sandals kept beside me
For the safety of my mind,
Yet I am filled with horror,
I swear I will not stay alone in future.
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