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Rated: E · Short Story · Detective · #2227431
An investigation of a murder case
Ending of the case:
I am not married. I spent time alone here in my room.Sometimes I become bored. Now Robin is with me and Anny. I got company.Robin is bachelor too. But his mind is of innovation. He never become bored.
After that night we made contact with police office,the officer in charge Roger came on the next morning. We went to a lawyer for petition of bail. Richard and his driver got released and the case was dismissed as Anny was produced before court. She gave her statement about Richard, and the court found Richard not guilty.
Richard sent greetings and gift for Robin and me too.Anny returned home.Peter came here to meet Anny. He was very happy to see her alive. But Alison did not meet her. He refused to come here, may be for Anny's love for Peter, which he had not accepted.
But I saw Robin very thoughtful. I asked but he didn't answered. I don't is he going back. The case go to hell but I don't want to loose his company.
I asked, "Are you planning to go back leaving me here alone? It sounded funny I know but living here alone is too boreing.
Invitation from Peter:
After one week an invitation came from Peter for lunch in a royal hotel as he is leaving for Itally art competition. We got the ticket too for travelling to Italy.
The time was being very happier as Robin was staying with me and case is finished .Moreover the Lunch invitation and an opportunity to travel to Italy, all this changed my mood. I was very happy at the moment.
It is difficult to start again the story from there, where I have finished it already. But I am trying:
The surprise of the event:
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