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Poem about feeling unaccomplished compared to others
i have never been to the moon,
Or touched the far off galaxies,
with the drop of a hat.
i have never talked to those who are dying soon;
Their dreams are their memories
Bones bare, devoid of fat.
i have never descended the sacred slope-
voice loud, full of hope-
arms wide and welcoming
to the joyous souls i have liberated to safety-
by myself.
i have never talked
to those lost in an world their own;
lost to me, lost to them
to help them cope with a mind unknown.
Nope, i’ve never done that

i've never swam, waded,
through the murky waters of time
traveling millions of miles
to give someone a dime.
i’ve never committed a crime
that kept me awake, while
endless tears fill my eyes,
giving me new determination
to be alive.
i’ve never breathed fresh air to a hopeless child
breaking them out of their cycle-
giving them a reason to stick a while
on an unforgiving earth.
No, i have never done that

i have never,
climbed the sacred slope- singing hymns
to those who had less than nothing,
who breathed their last breath,
who smiled their last smile,
who saw their parents die,
who wished their child still alive,
who saw the tales of old
with their own blind eyes-
back when they could see.
Nope, that’s not who i am

i am a nobody, a freeloader, no good,
child that could never do
the impossible;
and as they sit me down,
in the secret room,
their eyes scanning me
and down;
they question me
and i lower my head,
eyes filled with guilt,
and tell them,
“No, I have never been to the moon.”
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