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"Putter,Putter," The Tunes Of Rain Drops I Cherished life long
"Putter,Putter," The Tunes Of Rain Drops

"Found a music in a thunder storm”, I mumbled myself recollecting the soothing tunes of falling raindrops following the thunder storm that frightening night. It’s summer night I sat enjoying the fine background tunes in the TV at my balcony. Dark, dense clouds covered the sky all over, stars were overshadowed completely.Flashes of lightening sneaked through the clouds now and then. The cool breeze slowly took momentum, lashing all over balcony accompanied by deafening thunder shattering the silence.
I found myself back in my bed to hide my face in the pillow avoiding the frightening storm continued for hours. Window shutters broke loose, rapped with shattering force, my ears were benumbed deaf by the roaring thunderbolt. Shivering with fear, I ran to lock the shutters, lest the glass would break to pieces to the force of gales. Huge flashes of Lightening devoured the darkness, forcing me run back to bed.
Incessant, continued downpour lashing window gaps flooded the floor all over the house. I couldn’t but mop the water and clear the floor as the storm receded. It was a tiring job I couldn’t avoid.It’s back again to silent dark night, with mellow ‘puttering’ of raindrops falling from the branches of trees on sheet roof of garden room. With a sigh of relief I leaned on my rocking chair slowly regaining my calm.‘Putter’… ‘Putter’…. ‘Putter’ ……What a mellow sound of falling raindrops! I wondered how the fury of the summer storm could change so soon into enduring tunes of the dark night. I gave in to the lullabies of raindrops , slid into deep sleep only to wake up in the morning to see bright Sun rays peeping through the window curtains.

Yes, I found music in a summer storm, its real, I can never forget ever.


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