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My friend had her birthday yesterday and I've known her for 2 years now and felt inspired.
This is a little something to show my appreciation;

A gesture of my adulation;

I do not know how to express well with my feelings or actions;

However, I can show you through words the magnitude of my attractions;

Fate is a fickle mistress;

But she saw fit in my time of distress;

To introduce you in my life for the last two years;

When amidst the grey scale of my dull life, your light appears;

you've washed away the feelings of melancholy and loneliness I felt;

replaced them with hope and joy at the sight of you every passing day;

At one time I couldn't care less what happened;

And now your beautiful smile is what I strive to witness every time I thought of you;

You might dismiss these words as the ramblings of a dreamy fool;

but I assure you that every word I say in verse is truth and that's my golden rule;

Another year passes and you're now older and wiser;

And as words of endearment, I wish you the very best in your year and life;

For life is short and you should enjoy everything and have fun;

I fervently hope you experience happiness and love all your life;

Thank you for changing my life and my way of thinking;

Thank you for being the kind of friend I never knew I needed or wanted;

And thank you for being you you cute little princess;

Much love *Heart*
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