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by Bihxy
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2227515
the depiction of toxic relationships in a satirical manner

Tonight I am staring through the crack in my cell,
As I anxiously await the morning bell,
Day by day it has restlessly banged,
Tomorrow with a difference for I am to be hanged,
I secretly smile cynically at the thought of drifting away,
In the most disgraceful of ways,
To hang at the mercy of God,
I cannot help but wonder who is going to attend,
I say my last prayers,
Sing hymns as consolation,
Bid my cell mates goodbye,
Jesus! My hair needs arranging,
Brush my teeth to perfection, you know, for the after life,
I lay down on my rusty metallic bed,
I cannot wait for my luxurious one in heaven,
Morning comes by very fast,
The excited chatter in the women’s jail is now unbearable,
No more I say to myself,
I scrub down my body once more,
Walk to the hanging chamber head held high,
I see my mother and friends with tear logged eyes,
As if to say “don’t be a fool”
I avert my eyes from their disrespect and audacity,
Walk up onto the platform,
The priest gives me last rites,
In the presence of God,
The heavy sisal of the rope fits snugly on my neck,
I have one look at the executioner and my blood curdles,
It is my lover himself ,
I open my mouth to speak but I am silenced by the dead halt of my former beating heart,
It is accomplished.
I look up and the mocking sounds of the birds,
Remind me that convicts don’t go to heaven,
With a loud bang my eyes shut.
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