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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Ghost · #2227564
A tale of a woman and her daughter increasing awareness among skeptics in a violent world.
Dr. Samantha Warren, a prominent paranormal researcher, stands poised at the lectern in Denis Arnold Hall. As she awaits the signal to begin, she scans the crowd until she finds the familiar face of a child. Seconds later, after the theater lights dim, Dr. Warren begins her lecture.

“Does anyone here, other than myself, believe in ghosts?” Dr. Warren asks, as she sneaks a subtle shushing gesture to the child.

The theater falls still and silent in response to her question.

“Come on, people!” she bellows. “If you won’t participate, why come?”

“Attendance is mandatory,” someone yells from a distant corner; in response, almost everyone laughs.

“Well… This isn’t working,” Dr. Warren chides. “Let’s try something different.”

Dr. Warren rips the microphone from its stand; strides to center stage; then, smiles at the child seated in the front row.

“Please, child… Stand for us.”

Reluctantly, the girl rises from her chair.

“What’s your name, child?”

“Jessica,” she replies in a respectful and caring manner. “But you know me mo—I mean professor. I attend every lecture.”

“I know, darling… How old are you, Jessica?” Dr. Warren asks, as she fights back her tears.

“I’m seven, but I’ll be eight if August twenty-seventh ever comes.”

“Jessica… Do you believe in ghosts?”

“You’ve asked me that same question at every lecture for sixteen years.”

“I know, but please answer the question.”

“Yes. I know ghosts are real.”

“Thank you, my darling. Please visit me tonight.”

Jessica nods and smiles; then, fades into oblivion.

Dr. Warren sighs, then returns to the lectern and continues her lecture. “Ladies and gentlemen… That was my daughter, Jessica. Child traffickers murdered her in 1994 because she wouldn’t submit to their demands. Now, does anyone have questions?”

Instantly, audience interest in ghosts and child trafficking abounds.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2227564-Jessicas-Purpose