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The ancient bird creature is linked to vampire formalism.
On the island of Crete, the two gods Shiva (master of destruction) and Ares (god of war) convened to evaluate the shape of Earth evolution. They'd concluded that the ancient transitional bird creature called Archaeopteryx was the predecessor to a modern perception of blood vitality inherent in all living creatures on Earth in the 21st Century. The mysterious and beautiful Archaeopteryx flew all around Earth in the time of the great dinosaurs and became the ancestor of modern birds. Not unlike the pterodactyl dinosaur or the modern parakeet incidentally, the mysterious Archaeopteryx bestowed upon Earth life a sort of blood reign.

Shiva (master of destruction) and Ares (god of war) were busy now evaluating how the Archaeopteryx had given Earth another form of bloody consciousness which came in the form of a creature imagination --- that of blood-sucking vampires. Yes, the mysterious Archaeopteryx had given Earth life the necessary evolutionary imagery to harness the sort of prowling intelligence blooming among the lurking but hidden vampires on Earth in the 21st Century. The mysterious Archaeopteryx was therefore the modeled predecessor of both modern birds and modern vampires. This theory worried Shiva (master of destruction) and Ares (god of war).

ARES: This ancient bird reminds me of dark waters!
SHIVA: Yes, the Archaeopteryx is a formal inspiration.
ARES: We must shield mankind from the frailty of evolution.
SHIVA: Yes, the vampire clans on Earth today create paranoia!
ARES: Well, we might consider how this bird relic is bloody cool.
SHIVA: Indeed, and why the Archaeopteryx is an ancient statue!
ARES: Perhaps the vampires today consider this bird a muse!
SHIVA: Yes, the Archaeopteryx is a formal ancestor.
ARES: Why would this dino-bird give rise to Earth art?
SHIVA: Well, maybe the grand Archaeopteryx is a life dream.
ARES: What sort of dream?
SHIVA: A dream of spring encourages thoughts of transformation!
ARES: How has this ancient dino-bird inspired vampirism?
SHIVA: Vampires today link the bird to blood-diamonds.
ARES: Cool.
SHIVA: Perhaps.
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