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We are at a cliff, there are tragedies behind and possible anarchy in front. What's next?
The End of the Promised Land?

What goes on in that head with plastered hair?
Wears a crown, unseen, but it’s there.
Possibly a plan but you know it’s not fair.
Whatever it is has many honest folks scared.

We are front row at his next BIG GOAL.
"The Ultimate Trump Reality Show"
Using Americans where they grow.
Sowing division, racism, hateful rhetoric flows.

We have a boiling pot, complete with political stew.
Covid 19 mistakes, mistrust, racial unrest, police brutality too.
Mix corruption, lack of public help, our dead we bid adieu.
Sadly, never plans or scientific strategy that rang true.

Donald Trump has loyal followers to pull this spin off.
Friends, families, employees, the media he scoffs.
Does he fascinate or concoct a spell? Do we buy insanity he sells?
He creates numbers without facts, we don’t even yell!

Now he is producer, director, and Dictator of a new "must see".
Better than Netflix, Hulu, FOX and Universal NBC.
Our esteemed leader will take over US cities systematically.
Restore “law and order” under the ruse of Constitutional legality.

He has the United States under his ultimate control.
FBI, CIA, Military, Trump supporters and police in directed roles.
Trump assures us no one is more perfect to achieve the best goals.
Obama, Clinton, Biden, Democrats, all media are on the dole.

We say NO to Operation White and Great or Freedom Fighters for Trump Land.
Americans have built this beloved nation with sweat, tears, and strong hands.
Integrity, courage, values count. Non-violent patriots protest in bands.
I have optimism, hope and love to know Justice will stand.

By Kathie Stehr
July 22, 2020
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