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The story of the last little fairy ...
FEATURED in the WDC Newsletter: Fantasy - Pixies and Fairies, Editor's Picks, by eyestar~* , June 21, 2022

I was born in the orange morning dawn
Little crystal clear drops of water,
Made me magic, happy and calm
Soon was able to fly and wander

I had silky multi-colored wings
Little ones yet so full of beauty,
Gave me lightness among other fay things
Soon I was such a cutie

I traveled to enchanted forest, and woods
People's little dreamland and amazing places,
We are all alike us fairy sisterhoods
So pleased to see your surprised faces

I had a mission: to bring sparkle and joy
Ah little really did I know,
That fairies can somehow annoy
In many hearts - fairies do not glow

I will disappear and fay ... be forgotten
Little bits of golden fairy dust not more existing,
No more giggles, and sweet sugar cotton
As many children have stopped believing.

Children: Please believe in fairies.
Fay Iridessa SilverMist

Word Count: 164
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