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by K.HBey
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Susan and Mike have been in love during university studies.
Money Road

“Susan Hertz, in this 31st May 2002, I declare that you have obtained an economy master doctorate diploma with the option “how to face inflation” and with excellent appreciation. Congratulations!” Charles Carlos, Texas University’s head says.

Susan climbs the steps of the university amphitheater podium shivering and crying.
With a flushed face and a trembling voice she says, “thank you, I am grateful to the entire professor team and the jury”.
A golden merit badge is hanged on her left chest decorating the student uniform that she will no more wear.

Her glance is headed straight forward to the audience where a dear friend is there, Mike Louis.
All in her attracts him. Her golden hair, her wide blue eyes, and her charming smile wake in him a hidden love and a desire. Her insolent intelligence, her perseverance, her featured personality, and her spontaneity complete her beauty.

Mike is a caricature artist drawer. He has just obtained a policy master doctorate diploma too. However, he is at ease in expressing policy issues with caricature rather than with writing. Mike is smart, direct, proud, and very sensitive. His green piercing eyes shape an intelligent gaze. This white slender gentleman with black hair is very seducing.

At the restaurant, Mike takes a red box from his pocket. He says, “Susan would you marry me?” He takes her hands and kisses them.
“Wow my love, this is a wonderful ring, it’s too expensive,” she says completely overwhelmed.
“I have just got paid for one of my caricatures,” he says.

“I am so happy to be with you,” he says hugging her.
“I want to stay between your arms forever,” she says.

“Hello! Susan hertz, I am the Texas university’s head; a big economical center in Los Angeles wants to hire laureates. I gave them your phone number. They will call you soon”.
“Ok! Thank you!” She responds.

“Hello! Susan Hertz, I am Camille Line from Los Ageless economical big center, we need you immediately for a permanent position”.
“Next week would be perfect for me,” Susan replies.
“Ok!” Camille replies.

“Mike I have good news, I have just obtained a position in Los Angeles,” Susan says.
“They will offer me all the needed accommodation, we can live together there”, Susan adds.
Mike looks at her thoughtfully and says, “I am very happy that you will start your career promptly and that you have obtained such featured opportunity,” Mike says

“As you know I am still jobless. Indeed, my last year's policy article has made me enemies and no one wants to hire me. Mister Thomson Conrad, the famous policy personality, is directly meant and he has still a grudge against me.” He lives in Los Angeles.

“You are a young and beautiful lady and I am bothered to say that our professional paths are divergent,” he continues.
Susan is listening to Mike not sure of what she has just heard. Her tears drop afloat. She has to make a quick and harsh choice between her career and her lover.

Mike says, “Good luck, Susan!”
“Mike!” she calls.
Mike has already gone forward disappearing from the view and never looking back.

“Hello! Welcome to Los Angeles,” Camille says.
“Nice to meet you,” Susan says.
“Please read the contract carefully and sign it”, Camille says.
She reads it and says, “It’s perfect”. She signs it.
She starts her job immediately.

In the evening, in her lush house, Susan’s glance falls on the red box that she opens with trembling hands. She sees a red coffin where a corpse is lying, the fade diamond, the dead ring. She puts it back fast, in the depth of her wardrobe, thinking to forget by working hard.

“Mister Charles Homer is an economist and he is specialized in community’s projects,” Camille says.
“Nice to meet you”, Charles says.
“Nice to meet you too,” Susan replies.
“We will collaborate,” Charles says seduced by Susan’s charm.

Mike becomes an alcoholic and follows a gang that uses all sorts of illicit stimulants.
“What’s the matter with you, Mike?” Paul, his friend says.
“It’s my life, I am free,” Mike replies violently.
“Your both mental and physical health is deteriorated. You don’t see Mr. Mike Louis, the featured intellectual, where you are?” Paul says angrily.
He leads him to the doctor who finds him first stage cirrhosis and C.hepatite.
Paul adds, “You should start the weaning of the dirty alcohol and stimulants”.

“Don’t worry about me I will be Ok!” Mike replies nervously.
“With Paul help, he follows detoxication cure and after three months Paul says, “I have finally found my friend Mike”.
“Paul, I am thankful to you. You have saved my life,” Mike says.
Paul says, “Mike, my friend in India needs a journalist caricaturist”.

“Hello! Nice to meet you Mike Louis,” the head of the Indian_ USA “daily event magazine,” says.
“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Herald Smith,” Mike replies.
“You have come on time. I need your competences here,” Herald replies.
Each evening, Mike takes Susan’s perfumed handcraft and smells it.

When being in Bombay city, Mike is covering an event. He finds a killed woman lying in the street. She was a widow and has just founded a new relationship with another man. He wanted to marry her and she agreed.
“What was her crime?” Mike asks.
“Widows should not get remarried according to our religion here in India,” a man replies.

“Madam, your financial project of Malibu hotel_ restaurant chain, is ready with the annual balance, the fees, the previsions, risks, statistics, and some links,” Susan says.
“Ok! Thank you! Susan,” Jessica Compel says.

Mike writes an article about this crime putting on the woman picture. The beautiful young woman's picture remains alive in his mind indeed.
“Mike, you have done a great job. Your article has had an important impact within India's social and policy communities,” Herald says.

“Susan, you are both smart and beautiful. Are you married? Can I invite you for a café tonight?” Charles asks.
With great hesitation, she says, “Ok”.

“Mike I would like to present you Chandani, an Indian Journalist,” Herald says.
“Nice to meet you”, Mike says.
“Nice to meet you too,” Chandani replies yielding to his charming gaze.
They have been talking for a long time.

Chandani is wearing a sexy red sari with a frank neckline.
“I would like that we will be dating, would you?” Mike asks.
“With a flushed face,” Chandani agrees.
She is a brown and slender lady with brown wide eyes and long black hair. She is smart and knows many languages.

Charles says, “You are so beautiful. Can you be my fiancée?” He offers her a wonderful ring with a big pearl.
“Are you joking? We do not know each other enough,” Susan replies
He takes her hand smoothly and puts her on the ring.
“It suits your hand,” Charles says.

Mike has noticed that on one of his unpublished pictures, the dead Indian lady held a bloody letter. Two letters were written on it: A.A.
“Chandani, I have told you that there is no sexual relationship,” Mike says angrily when she has arrived at his home at midnight.
“It’s ok!” She says trying to seduce him with her sexy red and transparent sari.

Mike yields to her seduction and says, “I have discovered a special picture linked to the lady murder”.
“What? Dear? Can I see it?” Chandani replies.
But suddenly and as an obsession, Susan image eclipses Chandani’s one and Mike says, “It’s enough”.
“Chandani, it’s too late, we will meet tomorrow,” Mike says.

“Susan? Glad to see you; may I talk with you?” Jessica asks.
“I am waiting for my fiancé indeed. Can you call me later please?” Susan says.
“Ok! It’s perfect,” Jessica responds.
When she sees Charles in this restaurant, Jessica says, “You?” She returns her head for launching a weird glance on Susan.

Chandani says, “Hello! Mike, it’s your birthday today”.
She brings a big cake and a present.
“Thank you Chandani, but you should leave at midnight, Ok?” He replies.
“Would you prepare us tea, dear? I will arrange the table,” Chandani says.
“Chandani, where are you?” He asks
“Ho! I have moved to the toilet,” she replies nervously.
When Chandani goes back home, Mike notices that his desk has been scoured. He is not sure that she is the one who has done this but he becomes skeptical.

“Hello! My love Susan! Would you accept this modest present,” Charles says putting her on a wonderful necklace with a diamond pendant?
“Wow, it’s beautiful. Thank you!” She responds.
Suddenly he receives a call. Someone is screaming and Susan hears the discussion. It is about a certain amount of money.
“I will call you back tomorrow. I am busy now,” he replies nervously.

At 3 AM, some Indian men break down the door and attack Mike.
“Where is the picture? Tell me?” The men ask brutally.
They continue to threaten him and they stop and go back quickly when they hear Herald call.

“Listen Herald no one knew about the picture except Chandani. She has scoured my office too. Also, these last times she comes regularly at my home late in the night. Last night I saw her from the window talking to a man”, Mike says.

“Hello! Susan,” Jessica says.
“Listen, Susan, Charles was my fiancée too. He likes to play this game with several women. Also, he is corrupted. He takes bribes and gets private benefices from each project. I have many prove against him to present to the justice, indeed”, she adds.

Mike says, “The victim was a spouse of the maharajah Bajrang Abhivira, the actual maharajah Akshay Adhivira’s brother. They had a son, Tanveer. This latter would be the successor of his father. However, the maharajah Akshay Adhivira(A.A) killed his brother because of the archer. He put his nephew in the orphanage and killed the woman, Diya. Diya is issued from a royal family. Her eventual second marriage could allow her spouse to be a maharajah”.

Chandani disappears forever from Mike’s life.
Herald says, "Mike, you should leave for my company in New York and work there. Your life is threatened indeed".

“How do you dare to talk like this about my fiancé?” Susan says.
“Do you love him?” Jessica says.
“Not really but he is so charming”, Susan says.
“See Susan, I will show you all that you do not know about him. I appreciate you like a friend,” Jessica replies.

The police come to Charles’ office and arrest him for corruption.
Alice is Jessica’s friend. She reveals all about Charles and shows her the same fake ring.
“Many women fell to his charm indeed,” Alice says.

“I first came here with a heartbroken and now I live profound despair.
The only man I have loved left me and when I have found someone that I do not love, a charming companion, Charles, it appears that he is not fair,” Susan says.
“Would you like to be transferred to our New York center?” Camille asks.

Susan is happy to build a new life in New York, this wonderful city that looks like Los Angeles.
Mike joins the New York journalism center. He is happy there.
Susan uses to go to the Jessica hotel restaurant chain in New York.
This day, she is wearing a rose dress with a red flower on her left chest.

“Susan! Mike!”
Their both gazes are mesmerized, their trembling hands try to touch and silent words are heard by each other.
Mike takes her hands and says, “My love!”
She pushes him away, and says, “After all these years you come back?”
He hugs her, kissing her, and says, “I am just a stupid evil, and I do not deserve you but please forgive me”.
His tears fall on her hands.
“I love you silly,” she says when her tears fall on his hands.

KHBEY/1995 words/The money road/07/23/2020

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