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Here are the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters of my story. Sorry for the delay.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter XIII: "Oh, Big Brother"

Meanwhile, in an obscure room of the Blue Leaf Forest tree house, still storming outside, Aerial finds Hypnomind all by himself, feeling gloomy and depressed. After the meeting was over, he realized that Psygene is dead. As Hypnomind mourns for his dead brother, he sings a melancholic drum & bass tune about the loss of Psygene and how much he loves him.
Hypnomind starts singing:

         Oh, big brother, what do I do?
         What do I do when you're not with me anymore?
         Oh, big brother, I love you
         More than anything I could ever ask for.
         Oh, I can't believe I lost you.
         You're my one and only brother.
         Tell me, is all of this true?
         I'll miss you one way or another!

         Oh, big brother, I will miss you.
         You hold too many memories...
         You will always be in my heart
         To save us all from jeopardy!

As the song goes into the first drop, Aerial comes in. "Hypnomind, come on," she said. "We got to go home and get some rest!" When Aerial saw Hypnomind feeling down in the dumps, she paused for a couple of second. "Is... is everything okay?"
Thunder strikes.
"I'm afraid not, Aerial..." Hypnomind answered, feeling depressed of losing his brother.
"What's wrong?" Aerial asked. "Did you experience any mental health defects during or after the meeting?"
"It's worse than that," Hypnomind answered. "It's my brother, Psygene... he's dead..."
Thunder strikes.
"How?!" Aerial gasped.
"That idiot Ignatius must have assassinated him yesterday, and I didn't realize it until after the meeting was over..."
"You poor thing! That's so sad..."
"Indeed," Hypnomind said, nodding his head. He continues his song when the second verse comes in:

         Oh, big brother, I won't forget you
         About everything you have ever done for me.
         I hope one day that I'll go through
         Everything to keep our home world free.
         And when you ever see me again,
         You'll come back from the grave as a ghost.
         I hope you tell me to sustain
         Everyone we care about the most!

         Oh, big brother, I will miss you.
         You hold too many memories...
         You will always be in my heart
         To save us all from jeopardy!

         Oh, big brother, I will miss you.
         You hold too many memories...
         You will always be in my heart
         To save us all from jeopardy!

"What are you singing about?" Aerial asked.
"I'm singing about the death of my brother," Hypnomind answered. "I started singing about him before you came in. I once lost a relative of my family when I was a little boy, and I was chilled to the bone. When things got from bat to worse a couple years before today, my parents were murdered by a hoard of skeletons."
Thunder strikes.
"Oh my gosh! This point of life just keeps getting better!" Aerial said in disappointment.
"That's right," said Hypnomind. "I have to woe bat-ide you and all of others that defeating the X Enders will be our most perilous mission to date. Also, all the stories behind them will be dead as coccyx and bull stories as well as King Florine, Rattan, and Huxley."
"I don't know about this. I'm not sure if I want to understand those stories anytime soon."          "Well, don't knuckle it till you try to understand it, but the X Enders might be economical with the tooth."
"All of these dark tragedies and rumors are just making my stomach all queasy...," Aerial whimpers.
Hypnomind finishes out his song by singing the coda:

         I love you, Psygene, more than anything.
         I will never forget you and our bond within.
         You're the best brother I know,
         And I promise that I'll never let you go!

"You know how Flameza died for us and saved his best friend from the monster who aimed to assassinate her?" Hypnomind asked.
"Yes," Aerial answered.
Thunder strikes.
"Well, let me tell you about how much my brother wanted for all of us as much as Flameza did," said Hypnomind. "Before Psygene died, he wanted me to have hope and total control of myself, and those things are what he wanted for us. Flameza, however, wanted much more than just that. He wanted to give all of us the confidence to believe in ourselves, wisdom, faith, the courage to stand up to others, and anything else that meant helping each other in need with even the slightest problems. We can't escape from our problems, especially by hiding, because they won't go away on their own; you have to face them."
Thunder strikes.
"Face my problems? Why is escaping from problems always a bad idea?" Aerial asked.
"If you try to hide from your problems, they'll only get worse," Hypnomind answered. "About those morbid X Enders, before their exile, my brother and I tried to stop them form doing their over-the-top evil antics, reason with them, and force them to apologize for what they've done to everyone, but they just refuse to change and regret their actions. Ignatius, the leader, was said that he disgraced and murdered his own entire family since he escaped one of the highest-security prisons with Duskdy after ten years, and he never, ever regretted any of that at all! Seriously, he's that brutal, and none of his actions redeemable in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. Some of his members were not brutal and evil at first - such as Ivy, Zephyr, and Bayou - but Ignatius was definitely brutal and evil from the very beginning. The X Enders will never, ever be reformed, and they're known to be some of the greatest, darkest, and worst villains of all time. Ever since they broke their exile and got their magic back, they insisted to get revenge because they think that's always the way to go."
Thunder strikes.
Aerial gulps as if she's feeling nervous to hear the nasty yet true stories behind the X Enders.
"Sooner or later, but surely, the X Enders will take their exaggerated wickedness to the necks level and suck our lives," Hypnomind continues. "From now on, we must stay on corpse to get ready for the showdown against the X Enders, take no prisoners, and save the universe like it's a grave new world. I, personally, do not know how the X Enders all got banished from the Realm of Elements and stripped of their powers in the first place."
A sensitive, genuine, and soft-hearted chibi blue-moon spirit elemental named Marama Ramachandra enters. "I do," he responded. When he responded to what Hypnomind was talking about, they all hear thunder and lightning.
"Marama?!" Aerial and Hypnomind gasped in shock.
"Yes. I saw you two going the opposite direction of where everyone else is going, so I decided to follow you here," Marama said.
"Hold it!" Hypnomind said. "How do you know how or when those six brutes got stripped of their powers and banished from the Realm of Elements for good?"
"You want to know about this?" Marama asked. "Let me tell you the most tragic and painful time of my entire life about me encountering the X Enders; losing the Blue-Moon Amulet, the essence of my powers; and losing my old best friend.
Aerial and Hypnomind listen to Marama as he talks about his painful backstory, "Less than five years ago, Lucian Elior and I were walking down the streets through town going about our day. In the middle of town square, we encountered the X Enders as they were looking for my amulet. So they grabbed it from my neck and shattered in into ten pieces, then they were getting ready to tear me to shreds, but then Lucian was willing to sacrifice himself to save me, so they killed him instead!"
Thunder strikes.
"But why would those monsters want to kill little children?" Aerial asked.
"The X Enders hate everyone and everything," Hypnomind answered. "What do you expect?"
"We were both seven years old when this dark tragedy happened," Marama continues his story. "Without any of those bloody brutes noticing, I ran away for my life. That night, while it was storming outside-"
"Okay, okay, we get it now," Hypnomind interrupts. "That was all we wanted to hear. There's no need to continue."
"Okay, that's fine," Marama said. "I just really miss Lucian so much, and I hope the rest of his family is still alive."
Thunder strikes.
"Lucky for you, Marama, they are," Hypnomind said, being comforting and sympathetic. "I bet they all miss him, too."
"Okay, good," Marama added. "It's still a bummer that Flameza won't save us from harm anymore and that Psygene is dead, too. I'm sorry about all of the loss of friends and family members..."
"That's okay, Marama, you're not the one to blame."
"Um...guys? It's almost midnight and we need to get to bed now," Aerial said after she checked her wrist watch to see what time it is.
Thunder strikes.
"Holy smokes!" Hypnomind exclaimed. "You're right, Aerial. We totally lost track of time tonight. How oblivious of me!"
"Mamma Mia!" Marama exclaimed. "It's that time already? Whelp, let's go, guys..."
Hypnomind and Marama leave the tree house and head on home as lightning strikes in the middle of the night, but Aerial doesn't follow them. "Hypnomind was right all about all of this all along because he's a spirit elemental, and they can predict the future like Princess Nova!" Aerial complains. "He was right about the outcome of the X Enders' reign and their plans to take over the entire universe! They will attack on Saturday at midnight, then they'll slaughter some of us, put us to slavery, tear our families apart forever, make us suffer from hunger and illnesses, trap us in a living nightmare, and worst of all, strip us of all of our powers for eternity! I just hope my sister Rainbow will be okay without causing any trouble while I'm gone. I better get some rest and get ready for Saturday." When she leaves the tree house and goes home, lightning strikes.

Chapter XIV: "Showdown"

On Saturday afternoon, Princess Arunika sends Cinder and his friends on a mission to defeat the X Enders once and for all. Some elementals wanted to stay home because they do not want to see their friends die or face the X Enders in battle. The thirty elementals interested in going are separated into six groups of five as they hope onto mine carts and face each individual X Ender.
Cinder, Lavia, Hypnomind, Marama, and Waxer are going to face Ignatius, the leader; Ratchet, Kilot, Bob, Volcanic, and Ironair will face Ivy, the healer; Aerial, Ampere, Cole, Lillie, and Nievuelo will face Zephyr; Bay, Proarmor, Battector, Aquora, and Roberto will face Gaia; Antimony, Platinum, Foster, Raiden, and Sandbuck will face Duskdy; and finally, Leafy, Leafia, Tikili, Kylie, and Dragalei will face Bayou. Suddenly, Cinder's group get separated as everyone goes their own path, then Waxer ends up getting guillotined by Ignatius without anyone noticing. Eventually, everyone else gets back together, wondering where Waxer is, but none of them knows where he is.
"Is...is everyone okay?" Hypnomind asked the other elementals with him.
"I mean at least we're all well and alive..." Lavia guessed.
"...Except for Waxer..." Cinder added.
"Gosh, I just hate it when there is a full group of allies that gets separated, and the group goes back together, but at least one member from that group is missing..." Marama complains.
"We all do! So embarrassing..." Cinder said in disappointment.
"Hey, you know how Ignatius installed some gimmicks for the mine cart rides such as fountains spewing lava, smoking skulls, stone dragons breathing green fire, gargoyles, and bloody vampires?" Hypnomind asked.
"No. Why?" Marama wondered.
"I guess he just likes to haunt and traumatize his victims before wanting to see them eye to eye at every chance he gets," Lavia answered for Marama. "They're all similar to the ones Flameza and I saw back at our third adventure inside the pyramid at Quicksand Dune before we face Xemphoshazen the Floating Pharaoh. They also remind me of the scary corn mazes back from Halloween or something like that."
"Well, you're about to see them right now!" Hypnomind exclaimed as they all pass through the fountains spewing out lava, some human skulls releasing smoke, stone dragons breathing green fire, gargoyles, and vampires. The group becomes scarred and uneasy when they pass through those scary gimmicks that Ignatius installed for the mine cart rides.
"That is really creepy!" Cinder commented.
"No kidding," Marama agreed.
"I just hope Waxer doesn't die before we face Ignatius after this wild mine cart ride," Hypnomind said. "It's not like Ignatius is going to behead him with a guillotine, skin him, and rip his body to shreds or anything like that."
"Wow. Morbid," Marama said.
"Hey, you guys know what I'm hearing?" Cinder asked.
"Well? What is it?" Hypnomind asked back to Cinder.
"I hear a song coming on," Cinder answered.
"Good grief!" Hypnomind said, rolling his eyes.
During the mine cart ride on the way to Ignatius, Cinder starts to sing a funk-dubstep fusion song about his mission to save the universe from that vile gangster. Hypnomind, Marama, and Lavia do not pay attention to him, however. Cinder starts singing:

         We are about to defeat the X Enders
         And defeat them once and for all.
         That means that we must ensure
         That no one falls under their thrall.
         I hope we all make it back alive,
         But I could be mistaken.
         If we at least give those villains our all,
         Everyone worldwide will awaken!

         Saving the universe would be an honor,
         But let's not get hasty.
         Just in case you don't know this by now,
         This showdown might be crazy!

         Saving the universe would be an honor,
         But let's keep it between us for now.
         And before you know it,
         We will win at this showdown somehow!

As the song transitions into the first drop, Cinder looks at his friends who are still not paying attention to him. "Come one, guys. You're not even enjoying this music?" he asked.
"Cinder, why would we be singing a song at a time like this?" Hypnomind asked him back.
"Oh, come on! It will be fun!" Cinder said.
"You don't say?" Lavia said.
"I hope you know what you're doing, you know," Marama added.
"Of course, of course!" Cinder said. "Come on, guys, sing with me. Trust me and you'll enjoy it before we go face-to-face with Ignatius."
"Alright, fine!" Hypnomind said. "If you absolutely insist, we'll do it." He then joins in the song by singing the second verse:

         I hope my head's not turning right now,
         But we should all hope to survive.
         What could be more gruesome than a showdown
         Without a plan to contrive?

Even though Marama doesn't want to see the battle because he's too young to watch any blood or violence, he joins in the song:

         This battle will be too grim for me
         Because I don't want to see anyone die.
         I can't bear to see any blood or death,
         So I might as well stand by!

Lavia, knowing that there will be a lot of tension during the ultimate showdown against the X Enders, finally joins in the song:

         As you all know, losing Flameza
         Was beyond my comprehension.
         There's something I know about this showdown:
         There will be a lot of tension!

Cinder continues:

         We are getting closer to Ignatius,
         The leader of the X Enders.
         In a battle like this, it's no use
         To fall on our knees and surrender!

         Saving the universe would be an honor,
         But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
         If we underestimate our enemies,
         Then we might become overwhelmed!

Hypnomind continues:

         Saving the universe would be an honor,
         But this will not be a blowout.
         Our enemies are tough and overpowered,
         But we can still defeat them during this showdown!

As the song transitions into the second drop, Cinder is having a lot of fun to get ready to fight the X Enders. "This music is getting really funky yet scary at the same time, but I am still enjoying it!" he said.
"Lucky for you, Cinder," Hypnomind said. "At least the everest of us is going to do okay to defeat the other X Enders, right?"
"I suppose so," Marama answered.
"We can also still get our high slopes up to free the Realm of Elements after defeating the X Enders once and for all, isn't that right?" Hypnomind asked.
"Why are you throwing in some mountain puns in a place like this?" Lavia asked. "We're not inside a mountain, you know!"
"Sorry. The best is sweat to come, you know," said Hypnomind.
Marama starts the last section of the song:

         We must defeat the X Enders
         And save the day once again!

Lavia continues:

         Today is the day that they are waiting for
         To lay siege on us to get revenge.

Cinder continues:

         We must not let the X Enders succeed
         And take over the universe.

Hypnomind finishes out the song:

         We will do the best we can to prevent them
         From being deathly and endlessly berserk!

"What would you guys like to do after this is all over?" Cinder asked his friends after the song was over.
"Not this again..." Hypnomind said as if he's not interested.
"I could probably chillax with Yetta or something," Marama answered Cinder. "I bet she'd love to get some sunlight, which we all need."
"I could probably get a spa day if I need to," Lavia answered.
"Do you ever visit the Elemental City Day Spa at all, anyway?" Cinder asked Lavia. "I could not even handle taking a steam bath unlike most of the others."
"I'm just saying. Sometimes getting a massage would be one of the best choices. For me, I would have to polish my nails myself because I hate it when elementals touch my feet!"
"What? No, shut up," Hypnomind said.
"...Never mind," Cinder said. "This all must have been something else. Forget I said anything."
"Cinder, let's not talk about spas, vacation resorts, or anything like that at a time like this," Hypnomind said. "We have bigger problems to deal with first, such as the X Enders and saving the universe."
"I suppose," Cinder guesses.
"But at least we can still spend summer time relaxing by the lake after this is over," said Hypnomind. "We shouldn't expect too match about confronting the bad guys pyre to that."
"That is some way to throw in some puns at a time like this," Cinder added. "Why are you always doing that?"
"Why wouldn't I be?" Hypnomind asked. "I like to throw in puns all the time, unless I have to be more formal, of course."
"Just my luck!" Cinder said.
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