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The need for more than two genders is a narcissistic belief that needs to end.

I was having blood tests done at the doctor earlier, and the nurse, who had grownup in South America, lived in Spain, Italy, and some time in Russia, had informed me of something very interesting. I have never been out of this country, except the border of Mexico, where my mother and her friend had left a friend and I—two thirteen-year olds—alone while they spent the day scoring pills from a doctor. This nurse enlightened me on a few things I have always been curious about but thought I'd never truly know without traveling.
He told me that in every one of those countries he'd lived, racism was not a thing, and neither were homosexuality or transgenderism. He also commented on how Americans are so uptight and easily offended about everything. I absolutely agreed, throwing in that it stems from the rampant narcissism that has become endemic here.
Let's face it, there are only two genders, male and female. Yes, there are the extremely rare cases where people are born being intersex or hermaphrodite, but they only represent 1.7% of the population. They are special, rare cases, that can compare to those who have more than ten fingers or toes. If one is born with more than the typical ten fingers, they are not disregarded, but we don't create a pronoun for them either.
If people believe themselves to be something other than what they naturally or biologically—even listed as on their birth certificate—the root cause stems from their own deluded thoughts within their head. I think everyone will agree that our dreams are pretty deceiving at times, but they also exist in our heads. But just because they exist there, does not make them real.
One argument that gender-obsessed people like to use is that having multiple genders date back to late antiquity—as far back as the Egyptians. The Egyptians also used slavery in ways that the black community could not possibly fathom, and I pretty sure nobody would want that here.
They also claim that many other cultures around the world have many genders they identify with. In other words, we should adopt the beliefs of other cultures here in our western world. Cannibalism is also still practiced in many other cultures, so should we adopt that too? I was told today that other cultures actually kill those who identify as gay or their opposite gender. Should we adopt that custom too? It certainly would end the nonstop arguing.
Before I get to the next argument they ignorantly like to use, I'd like to ask you, the reader a question. In today's world, do you believe money can buy just about anything? Whether or not you say yes or no is irrelevant, because the answer is Yes, everyone and nearly everything has a price.
The LGBT Movement convinced the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) the holy grail in the world of psychology, to change homosexuality from being a disorder to something one is born with. Now, with the financial backing from a certain political party, this wouldn't be hard to do; not to mention, pretty cheap if one never considered the ramifications. However, the DSM also classifies transgender people as having Gender Identity Disorder and Gender Dysphoria.
I will agree that even though XY chromosome sex identification may be flawed, not expressing why some may be male or female yet feel as if they're the opposite sex. But gender is considered experienced-based, where it is healthier to be a boy and still experience some feminine things, and vice versa. That still doesn't mean there are more genders; only that not every boy needs or should be a football-loving jock who never cries, nor that every girl should play with dolls before becoming the preppy cheerleader that society expects them to be.
Sex hormones, which typically dictate sex at birth, are of two anatomical genders—besides those extremely rare cases. Different amounts of these hormones (androgen for boys and estrogen for girls) can result in different ways people feel or identify in accordance or discordant with their gender at birth. But, at the end of the day, if they go through puberty as a boy, they are male, or as a girl, they are female.
To wrap this up here, whatever you want to identify as is your business and your business alone. But to call it an "act of violence" when someone refuses to call you by whatever pronoun you think you are, is ludicrous. It is a narcissistic personality trait, where you willingly place yourself as the victim. If you want others to respect the way you feel inside, perhaps you should respect what others feel, instead of making yourself the victim—even if it offends your mental illness, which is all this truly is in the end.
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