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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Emotional · #2227698
A prose about emotions and accepting the pain. People say acceptance isn't giving up...
I’m on this string being pulled around.
One side is attached to your finger
Orchestrating my every move.
The other side is attached to my heart.
I am mesmerized and have no idea it’s killing me.
The mask you wear is comforting and sweet.
You make me believe that warmth lives there,
Meanwhile the cold holds me in place, and I can barely breath.
Reality knocks at the door but I ignore it,
Conditioned to think I must be the one that’s flawed.
Lies blow on the wind to the ends of time.
Instead of acting out I decide to accept what is.
Silently screaming out for forgiveness,
For surely I must have done something wrong.
I make every excuse in my small existence.
Everything happens for a reason they say,
Everything happens for a reason...
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