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Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2227730
The son of two well known celebrities has difficulties coming out to the public eye.
Xavier woke up with a whine, as well as a nauseous feeling in his stomach. He had come out to his parents recently, no more than a week ago, and he was running on borrowed time. Eventually, the press and paparazzi would catch on. After all, nobody could stay single for long, and it would only be a matter of time. However, he did know one thing. Telling the public would be done on his terms. He himself wanted to make the announcement. Though, he wasn't sure how to do it.

With an annoyed groan, Xavier got up from his bed, glancing at the clock on his nightstand. It was 10 AM. There would be enough time to think about how he wanted to go about the announcement. Though, he was still filled with the anxiety that the public wouldn't take it well. After all, no human is the same, and the same also goes for their beliefs.

His mother and father had different plans. They had wanted Xavier to consult his PR team about how to go with the announcement, though he had been adamant about the fact that he didn't want it to be a statement that was planned. He didn't want to do what the PR team thought was best. He wanted to do what he thought was best. And he was damn well going to do it.

His mind began to be filled by ways he could go about it. Perhaps he could enlist the help of friends and paint a wall of the house rainbow. Or maybe attend a pride parade. It was pride month after all. Though, that idea would've gone through his PR team, and that was the last thing he wanted. Perhaps he would go with a simple idea and make a simple social media post, maybe featuring his fortunately accepting parents.

He rubbed the sides of his head as it slowly became too much. With a sigh, he left his bedroom, making his way downstairs to get something to drink. Perhaps it'd help him clear his mind, and help with his uneasiness in his abdomen.

Xavier poured a cup of tea from the kettle, feeling a slight quiver in his lip as he had waited for the tea to cool down. He glanced outside from a window, watching as the shrubbery and flowers were being tended to by a botanist. The outdoor areas seemed like a calm town, especially in a house so vastly sized such as this one. An idea came to mind. The phrase, "Paint the town red" had suddenly given him inspiration.

He was going to paint the town rainbow.
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