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The end of this story or is it?
Well, now things don't seem to look too good for the two girls. They are stuck on a boat that they can't get off and the boat may be leaving the dock at any time. In the meantime, the queen had decreed a fast and she hadn't heard a single word from the God of Heaven, no it's going to be okay or the girls are still alive, nothing, not one thing. The queen decided that she couldn't live without the girls so if they never returned she would go into a long seclusion. She had been fasting and praying and the 3 days was almost up and nothing. Her husband King David had decided to go out with the guard and look for the girls. That meant leaving her all alone with her thoughts and with a kingdom to run what was she to do? The king tried to reassure her he would be back as soon as he could and that she wasn't alone that Sophia's parent's the Duke and Duchess were still available to her, all the staff and half the guard. This, however, was not comforting at all. She wanted her family back all at home and safe. She wanted her king ruling by her side as it had always been. She was going to be a big girl though she was not going to cry at least not until he left anyway. He mounted his most second favorite horse and rode out with some of his guards. The queen watched him leave and as she did her heart sank. She quickly retreated to her room asking to be left alone where she cried for hours. The 3 days were up and God still hadn't spoken, her family was gone and half the guard with them.

Back on the boat, the girls awoke to the rocking of the boat, they were moving oh no they had left the dock. The two girls started to cry, they were on their way to God knows where and they were all alone. Sophia started to pray and asked the God of Heaven for his help I mean that's what her mom and the queen always did when in trouble. Around about midnight they heard foot steeps and they were drawing closer and closer. It was the man from earlier, he put a finger to his mouth and he took the tape off. He whispered that he would lead them up to the top of the boat to the two little boats on the side of the massive ship and hide them there. He said that when everyone was sleep he could cut the ropes and they could try to escape on there own. He let them know that they would be on their own at that point but at least they may have a small chance of getting away if they could navigate the waters. The girls were not happy about this but they would take his deal and hope for the best. So about one in the morning, he leads them to the small boats and hid them in one. What seemed like a lifetime passed and all of a sudden they felt themselves falling through the air, they violently crashed into the water. One of the guards looked over and cussed as they saw the small boat floating away. He didn't think too much of it though it was just one small boat, he hadn't seen the girls because it was dark and they were laying down in the boat. The girls didn't move for a long while because they were sure they were caught but after it was quite for a long-while they say up. The girls didn't know what to do they were in the middle of the ocean, in the dark and all alone. Before they could gather their thoughts good the water started to move I mean really move. Out of the water rose something really, really big. It was way bigger than the boat they had just escaped off of. All of a sudden there were lights coming close to the boat, they rose out of the water. There were hands holding the lights it looked like but the girls were distracted and afraid because now they could see the giant squid looming over them. All of a sudden the hands were more visible and the girls could see they were mermaids now. The mermaid's begun to make a very loud shrill so loud that it was bouncing off the nearby mountains, which made the giant squid retreat for a time.

Meanwhile back at the castle, the queen had fallen asleep finally. She woke with a start when she heard in her dream a still small voice say the girls are just fine. She was so overwhelmed but thankful God had spoken and let her know her girls were alive and fine. She started to cry again and the Duchess came in and asked what was wrong to which the queen responded that the girls were alive and fine. The Duchess had said that somehow she knew they were okay but she was glad that she now knew they were. King David had set out for the port he had heard about some men that were maybe possibly stealing and selling people into slavery. He didn't know for sure but it was just a hunch but maybe the girls had been grabbed and put aboard a slave-ship. He rode fast until he was almost there than he and the guards with him stopped short of the port tied up the horse and went on foot the rest of the way. He couldn't just walk right into what might be a trap, if they saw him coming and they were selling slaves they would surely try to kill him before they would be taken by force and put to death. He and his men wouldn't be expected to be on foot. He took off his crown and put a hood over his head and told his men to do the same. His crown was put in his book bag he was carrying and the guards did the same. They hid their swords out of sight and walked into the lights of the port. There were lots of boats and men working. In the corner of the port, there seemed to be one big boat missing however so the king and his guards made a beeline for that spot. When they reached the spot they weren't surprised to see that no-one seemed to be hanging around. The king decides to just hang back and wait. They waited until about four am when two men in a small boat were rowing to shore, it was the Quick brothers they were known troublemakers. The king told the men to fall back a little further into the shadows and just wait. He himself hid behind a large crate and waited, the brothers finally came upon the dock. They were talking and laughing about two royal girls that had been picked up and how they would fetch a pretty penny. The king was so angry but he had to wait for the right time or the girls could be lost. The king fell back to talk to his guards, he had to get on that boat somehow. When he thought he had a good plan, he came out of the shadows dressed as a dockworker it wasn't hard to convince one of the works to give him a spare change of clothes for five gold coins, when most barely made two gold coins a week. He approached the brothers with his head down so they couldn't get a good look at him, he was with one of his youngest guards. They small talked for a long while then the talk turned to the slave trade which was not lost on the two brothers who were eating an early breakfast never by. The brothers overheard the men say that they knew where there were at least ten orphans that could easily be rounded up and sold for a quick buck. Ten orphans that no one would ever miss at ten-fifteen gold coins apiece depending on their age and health that could bring a pretty penny in even if they had to split the money four ways. Who knows maybe they could see to it that these two men would have a little fall of the boat and then the money would be all theirs. The brothers talked among themselves and then approached the two men.They small talked for a moment then quickly brought up the topic of the orphans and how they could work together and make a lot of money.They told the king and his guard that they could round up the kids quicker if they worked together and that the kids wouldn't be missed for a long time to come if ever.They all agreed that this would work and set out for the bad side of town to gather up the orphans. Little did the men know that the rest of the guards laid in wait for them.When they got about halfway out the men were surrounded. The Quick brothers were shocked, they started to plead for their lives but the king stopped them. He revealed that he was their king, the brothers began to shake in their boots surely they would be killed. Their king however made a deal with them that if they got them on the boat and helped him get the girls back that he wouldn't kill or jail them as long as the Kingdom and never came back ever. He also assured them that if he ever laid eyes on them again he would kill them on sight.What could they do, they agreed of course. The king covered himself again and they continued to the bad side of town.They rounded up the ten orphans quickly, they were scared stiff, but the king revealed himself to them and told them that no harm would come to them and after it was all over he would find homes for them all.The ten orphans were the king's way onto the boat with the brother's help.They got back to the port just as the boat was coming back to shore.The ship stopped short of the port abut 3 miles out, however.The king was puzzled the Quick brothers informed him that they didn't want to come ashore again with the royal's onboard in case the girls would try to run off. Or the boats were being checked for the missing girls that by now everybody would know was missing.So the king two of his guards, the brothers, and the ten orphans loaded themselves on the small boat and headed toward the big ship.They stopped about halfway out and explained that they had ten orphans that could be sold to slave owners and that the two men with them had helped them round them up for a sizeable cut of the gold they would receive once they were sold.The good captain was pleased so he said for them to come aboard.About ten minutes after they were on the boat the good king had the good captain at knifepoint.He then ran a white rag up one of the sails and quickly his waiting guards came in little boats and within minutes they were on the big ship and the men were now captives.The Quick brothers took the king down to the bottom of the boat only to discover the girls were gone.The king was very angry and ready to kill the brothers but they promised they would help him find the girls no matter what, the rest of the men were taken to the castle dungeons.While the king set out to find the girls with the two brothers in tow and about five guardsmen.

In another part of the ocean, the girls were quickly being pushed toward a cave on the edge of the water. The girls were told to get out of the boat and go hide in the cave. The girls were shocked they were looking at mermaids and ones that could speak English. Yes, we speak many languages the biggest mermaid said with the crown on her head. "You must hide in the cave the squid will be back soon and he has a taste for human meat." " He doesn't like visitors and least of all humans." "He is a terror of the seas killing anything and one he catches off guard" "Most of the sea creatures know to look out for him but most humans do not so he gets a regular late-night dinner." " A great number of humans disappear in these waters never to be found again." " Hide and we will think of a way to get you back to shore and the port." The girls wanted to know why the mermaids wanted to help them and were informed that they knew the queen and she was always so nice to them saving them from the fishermen's nets a few times. You look like your mother they also informed her. They told her they had heard the boat hit the water and came to investigate and when they knew that the two girls were in danger they decided to help. They hated the squid and every chance they got they made sure he didn't get a meal. Once they got close enough to see it was the queen's daughter they knew they had to help. Thankfully they hate our mermaid song said the mermaid with the crown. The girls hid in the cave they were cold and scared but the mermaids help them make a fire. The girls relaxed maybe they could trust the mermaids. They, however, could not just hide in the cave forever. The mermaids made the girls a seaweed salad for breakfast. They ate and planned how to overtake the giant squid. The mermaids shared with the girls that out past the caves to the south about 200 yards out was Moby Dick a creature so big and hungry it could eat the squid with no problem. The girls would have to make it out there and there would be no gauriette that they would not be eaten if and when they made it. The girls decided they would go for it, they would pray and then row for their lives and would hope Mr.Dick was near-by and hungry for squid. They would row out and when the squid came after them they would use the mermaids to sing their song and back him into the water where Moby slept most often. The girls did just that and sure enough, the squid came after them when they got about 50 feet out. To far out to retreat back to the cave without being caught and away from the mermaids or so he thought. When he got ready to grab them the mermaids encircled him and started to sing loud and very loud backing him closer and closer to where Moby slept. He stopped just short of Moby's sleep spot he knew better than to go 200 yards out south of the caves because big creatures often disappeared from sight. He began to slap at the mermaids he made such a noise that he didn't see three big creatures coming upon him. It was Moby and his three babies or was Moby her, anyway they encircled him and they each grabbed at his arms and pulled him down under the water. He was gone within minutes. The girls quickly rowed back to the cave while the squid was being eaten, the mermaids followed. On the way back the girls saw a big ship in the distance they decided to row for it not knowing if it was the slave-ship or not. When they got close they could see the King standing near the front of the ship ."Dad" the princess yelled she was never so glad to see her dad. The girls were quickly brought aboard and hugged and kissed. The girls said that they were sorry over and over again and said they would never leave the castle grounds again. The good king told them that it was okay, he believed that they had learned their lesson, and all was forgiven. They headed home about halfway out home the girls saw a big creature in the water about 80 feet long and 3 little ones almost half that size right beside the boat. Were they doomed to be eaten after all this? No this couldn't be the case the creatures had just filled up on a 55-60 foot squid. When it was quite the queen mermaid surfaced and informed the girls that the beast was just making sure they got home safely and that they were thankful that they had finally caught the squid because of the brave girls and the mermaids. Moby had been trying to catch it for years now without success it seems. The queen spoke whale she explained which was what this creature was, it was just a really big whale. They all said good-bye and the ship headed towards home.

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