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Using Red ribbon as Telltale id for quick pickup from conveyor landed them in a nightmare
Red Ribbon Telltale Id

John waited for their bag to appear on the conveyor, as he reached late after successfully managing to pass out from exit checks at arrival terminal. With great jubilation he grabbed the softbound bag with Red ribbon telltale identification,improvised by him while packing for easy recognition in the big crowd of all bags .Placed it fast on the trolley with Lynda waiting for him. They rushed fast to customs clearance, into the cue awaiting their turn. As they reached the counter the papers were handed in.
The inspector with the bag on the table questioned “You are returning from Kabool, right?”
“Yes, papers show it clear, isn’t it?”
“I smell a rat, we need to open the bag to examine”
John was worried Lynda is restless over the delay, but couldn’t help but to open it.
The inspector picking the contents, throwing on the table one after another jeers “Lo, it’s stuffed bunny”, ripped it open to find packets of drugs, shouted “I’m right, I caught you! ”
Lynda shouted at John, “What, are you crazy, of all, carrying a bunny! Are you kidding?”
Inspector was busy preparing the ticket to book them.
Perplexed John thought how it could happen, it’s the bag with red ribbon, it’s right…….”
Looking closely at the items on the table, Lynda shouted “No these aren’t our items at all, there’s goof somewhere….. Check the Id card, whom it belongs”
Inspector read out “Sebastian. J.K. 648, Hemps ave…… ,"
“It’s wrong we aren’t that” Lynda shouted at John “This’s all your fault”
Only now it dawned on John, the red ribbon could be used by any other passenger also,he did a mistake without verifying the id card issued by the airlines


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