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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2227807
In UCN, Bonnie and Foxy share Pirates Cove, but goes on in there? (Anthro Fetish Story)
(The Animatronics in this story are ANTHRO)

In a place where fun can happen, terror lerks within the walls of the building. Animatronics of all games come as one to kill again for plessure, blood and perhaps vengence. Some stay in the halls, others prefer the vents, some stay in other rooms and some even hang in your office. These memorable, old, usless and forgotten beings stay here to scare, moan and jumpscare those who dare. One area in particular however uses teamwork in order to make your life torturous (And it's not Withered Foxy and Balloon Boy).
Outside of a Pirate Cove, A bunny and a fox share a space with one to stall/kill the cameras and one to Jumpscare.

-------------------(12 AM)------------------

Bonnie peaked outside the curtains of Pirate cove, watching Freddy and Nightmare Bonnie go through each of the hallways, he can hear Ballora and Chica nearby. He sighed as he turned around to greet the fox that was with him.

"Foxy, why don't we ever get a chance to kill the nightguard?"

The fox looked up at his purple friend.

"Well, I sometimes get to kill the guard when you help me, but he's been camera stalling us for the past week now, as a way to prevent us from getting me in there."

"I see, well what can we do while we wait for 6 AM to come about?"

Foxy looked around, but there really wasn't much to do in the cove. Foxy decided to looked outside the cove for resources, and to his luck, he found a deck of playing cards on a table in the main dining hall.

"Look! A deck of playing cards! I don't know some parents got bored being here, but I'm glad that they left those behind."

Foxy went out to go get the objects. He walked through Phantom Balloon Boy and left Nightmare go by. As he picked up the cards, Springtrap stopped to greet him.

"What are you doing with those? Aren't you suppose to go kill the guard?"

"He camera stalled us, so we're waiting for the night to end."


Foxy pointed to Bonnie, who waved at both of them.

"I see, well have fun with that, Withered Chica got stuck yet again, so I'm going to help her, see ya around Foxy."

Foxy wished him luck and turned around and went back, nearly tripping on Mangle and Molten Freddy in the process.

"Got it."

-------------------(1 AM)------------------

"Got any Kings?"

"Go Fish."

Bonnie sighed, getting bored from the game they've been playing. A gurgle happened within' the bunny's intestines, making Bonnie cut a silent SBD. It didn't smell that much , Bonnie manage to cover it up, that's when he got an idea.

"Can we do something else with these cards?"

"Such as?"

"We could take these cards and make a castle out of them, or I could do a magic trick with them if you want.

"Bonnie, your not Orville, how can you pull off a trick with a deck of cards?"

Bonnie took the cards and shuffled them for about a minute. He showed the deck to Foxy, all the cards were faced down.

"Pick a card, once you know what it is, put it back in the deck, but don't tell me what it is."

Foxy did so, using his good hand he reached out and picked a card and looked at it. The card he chose was The Queen of Spades. He put the card back in the deck, as Bonnie mixed up the cards for another minute.

"So, you agree that your card is lost in this deck?"


"Now here's the part you won't believe until I show you, what if I were to tell you that your card is not in this deck? Therefore..."

Bonnie threw the cards over his shoulder, Foxy was confused.

"Check your hook."

Foxy looked at his hook and saw that his card was on his hook.

"What the fuck?! How did you do that that?!"

"What you should ask is if that's your card, and with that case it's not."

Bonnie flipped the card around once to reveal that the card tha Foxy had was The Two of Hearts. Foxy jaw dropped.

"But then where's The Queen of Spades?"

"You still have it."

Foxy began to look everywhere on his body, but not Queen of Spades. Bonnie went over behind Foxy and lifted his tail

"B-Bonnie? What are y-"

Bonnie began to pull Foxy's pants down, revealing Foxy's furry ass and penis. Foxy covered his privates as he looked at Bonnie. Something was sticking out of Foxy's rear end.
Bonnie pulled out Foxy's card.

"I believe that your Queen of Spades was hanging out in your ass Foxy."

Foxy blushed, then stopped as he felt a rumble in his gut. It was hard to hold in his gas when Bonnie was keeping his tail up high.

"U-um Bonnie.. You might wanna move from there.."

"Give me a second, I'm putting the card away."

Foxy tried to hold it in for as long as he can, he didn't know why Bonnie didn't wait until he left his rear to put the card away. He couldn't hold it any ore as he let go and coated Bonnie with pure Fox gas for 5 seconds. Bonnie took a whiff of Foxy's gas, then stood up.

"Good one, but warn me next time ok?"

"Next time, how about you warn me before pulling my pants down?"

Bonnie found it humorous no matter what Foxy thought. He just wanted to see his friend 's furry ass for no reason at all. He was smirking, ignoring the fact the phantom animatronics are jumpscaring the guard

-------------------(2 AM)------------------

"Well, at least those phantoms are doing something, I haven't heard any-"

A Nightmare animatronic jumpscare was heard.

"We KnOw WhO wE aRe... AnD yOu ArE nOt OnE oF tHeM..."

Foxy sighed as his response became reality. He went over to the wall and sat down. He pulled out his phone and began to watch a livestream that Toy Freddy was doing at the moment.

"I did not expect Nightmare Fredbear to get him, I thought for sure that Scraptrap was gonna get him."

"What are you talking about? This is the third time in a row that Nightmare Fredbear's got the guard."

"Oh, I must've lost track, all I can think about is that eggy blast you gave me earlier."

Foxy's ears perked up, he faced Bonnie for a moment.

"Did you do that card trick to smell my anus? My farts perhaps?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

"You did didn't you?"

"Ok, yeah I did. Your ass is so sexy though, how could I resist?"

Foxy blushed

"Well, your ass is sexier than mine, I could live to be your butt and fart slave."

Bonnie blushed

"How about this, we'll fart on each other on 5 AM."

"Sounds good to me~"

-------------------(3 AM)------------------

"I should go see if Springtrap got Withered Chica out yet."

Bonnie got up and walked out of Pirates Cove, making his way to the Office. When he got there, he found Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear trying to pull Withered Chica free. Bonnie looked over and found Springtrap talking to whis Withered version.

"Hey Springtrap, have you managed to free Withered Chica yet?"

Springtrap sighed and faced Bonnie

"Well, we managed to pull her an inch forward, but she'll be free in a couple minutes."

"I see, who all is trying to get her free?"

"At the moment, Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear are trying to pull her out. We also had Ennard, Mangle and Molten Freddy pushing her while they pull, but we ran into an issue."

"What would that be?"

"†–ħз¥ ğ–ø† †@ηģľэď µþ ïπ τнÈ þЯø-Çe$§..."

"Oh, I see, well if you need me or Foxy's help, let us know ok?"


Bonnie walks away to leave Withered Bonnie and Springtrap do their work. He returned to Foxy who looked bored out of his mind.

"Hey, I'm back, Withered Chica is still stuck and Ennard, Mangle and Molten Freddy are in parts and service because they got tangled up for trying to set her free."

"I see.. well I hope she gets unstuck by 6 AM, otherwise some explaining will have to be given to the owner, which may lead to shutting us down."

"Please don't bring that up, that thought makes me.."

Bonnie clunched his stomach and ripped a ripe 10 second fart. Bonnie fanned his purple rear in response to it.


Foxy took a few whiffs of it and reassured Bonnie without making it look weird.

"Sorry Bonnie, I shouldn't of brought that up again.."

-------------------(4 AM)------------------

A thud was heard from nearby, either someone finally got Withered Chica unstuck, or they knocked something over. When Springtrap's voice rose suddenly, it was well known the reason behind the noise.

"Yes! Finally! Oh my Gosh, that take way too frickin' long!"

Bonnie peaked out of the curtains and saw it Withered version.

"Hey Withered Bonnie, did you finally get Withered Chica unstuck?"

"¥-ε$, ησ/W ωε ¢@N @LL ®ēކ ¡N ρ£α(£, φr α† |Ƨ† ƒ¡иÐ Λ vvą¥ T● m-αk-E Ħξг 𤆠ςø †H¡¢c."

"Good to know, Goodnight."


Bonnie shut the curtains after his farewell to Withered Bonnie. Since it's 4 AM, he might try to do something with Foxy for the sake of killing time. He walked over to his fox friend and sat down next to him, who was currently watching Phantom Foxy's livestream. Bonnie decided to watch for the sake of time. After about 25 minutes of the stream, Bonnie felt pressure near his ass, that pizza chica made wasn't exactly settling with him.

"*In his head* Dam it Chica.. I told her that anchovies give me awful gas.."

Bonnie lifted his little purple tail up for a brief moment and pulled 2 slient SBD's. Foxy was too involved with Phantom Foxy's stream to notice however. Eventually, the smell reached their nostrils. Foxy put his phone down for a moment.

"How are you gassy? I didn't even see you eat anything!"

"When I went to go see Springtrap, I stopped by the kitchen to have a slice of Chica's pizza. I guess her latest pie has anchovies in it. Those give me really bad gas."

"Oh really? Well, I snuck out of the cove while you were chatting away with him. I ate 3 anchovy pizzas in one go."

"Wow, well I guess were both gassy then."

"Yup, you know what that means."

Foxy stood up and pulled down his pants and threw them aside. Bonnie looked up and blushed at the sight of Foxy's dick and balls, trailing up to his ass and tail.

"Like what you see?"


Bonnie became hard at the sight of Foxy.

"Your ass is better though, I would never stop staring at it to save... my... life..."

Silence filled the room

"Awkward.. Anyway.."

-------------------(5 AM)------------------

Foxy turned around as he put his red furry ass on his friend's face, as he began to adjust on it until his anus was touching Bonnie's nostrils. The first two farts were loud and wet, the scent of Saltwater and Fish filled Bonnie's nostrils. The bunny inhaled every fart that Foxy gave him, moaning from the sweet fragrance of the fox's anal musk. Foxy began to grind his rear on his face, rubbing his tailhole on Bonnie's nostrils as he released a 20 second SBD, followed by multiple farts that lasted for 5 seconds each. Foxy began to jerk off, running his hook carefully against Bonnie's anus, maing him hard as he continued to rip gas.

"Bonnie, open your mouth"

Bonnie moaned and nodded as he opened his mouth. Foxy quickly moved his anus to his mouth and ripped a ripe wet fart for 1 minute straight. Bonnie closed his eyes to savor every moment, tasting every fart that came from his friend. He began to rim Foxy out as foxy moaned with pleasure. Foxy was close, but ran out of gas.

"Aw shit.. I'm empty.."

"I'm not."

Foxy got off of Bonnie, letting him sit up. He layed down on the floor and gave Bonnie a lustful look.

"Prove it then~"

Without hesitation, Bonnie got on top of Foxy and put his thicc purple ass on Foxy's snout. He adjusted himself until Foxy's nose touched his anus.

"I'll suck you off while I'm at it."

Foxy gave a thumbs up, hugging Bonnie's butt as he nuzzles his anus playfully. Bonnie pushed as he releases a loud fart that lasted for one minute, which lead to 3 SBD's after. He began to suck Foxy off as 7 high pitched toots came out. Bonnie grinded his rear on Foxy, as Foxy began to rim him.

"H-hold on Foxy, I have an idea... Only rim me if your close to cumming."

Another thumbs up was given, but Foxy wanted to eat Bonnie's farts, so he tried not to rim him while doing so. Bonnie ripped an SBD for one minute, then 5 wet farts, then 2 high pitched poots and ended with a huge loud wet fart that lasted 30 seconds. Foxy felt close to his climax after the releases he received from booty heaven, he began to rim Bonnie silly. Bonnie moaned and sucked harder and faster.



With one final fart that reeked of flesh, onions, sardines and shit. Foxy came hard into Bonnie's muzzle. Bonnie gagged for a moment, then began drinking from Foxy's cock. Both moaned in unison. Bonnie let out the rest of his gas that he had in him. The fart was loud, which reeked of skunk and Dumpster, as it got quiet for a moment. It became an SBD as it continued, with the smell of port-a-john with it. This lasted for 5 minutes, Bonnie fell exhausted from his release and Foxy nearly passed out from it.

"Tha... Tha.. That w-was epic.. Your cum tastes good by the way."

"G-glad you liked it, let me suck you off real quick."

"You have 5 minutes til 6 AM, are you sure?"


Bonnie turned around again, pointing his boner to his fox friend, he was already leaking pre. Foxy wasted no time as he put Bonnie's member into his mouth and sucked hard and fast.

"Ooooh~ T-that's it!"

The clock was ticking, only 3 minutes remain. Foxy began to groap on Bonnie's fuzzy balls, playing with them as he sucked on his cock. Bonnie moaned, he can feel the pleasure build up in him and the feeling of Foxy's slippery tongue licking his entire shaft.

"A-almost T-t-there.. ONE MINUTE AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!~"

Bonnie came hard without warning, filling Foxy's mouth with his seed. Foxy took it in, drinking every ounce of cum he could taste. He put his pants back on as he faced the bunny.

"That was amazing~ I want to do that again tomorrow~"


"Well, 6 AM is in a few seconds, night Foxy."

"Night Bonnie."

-------------------(6 AM)------------------

The place opens yet again, as family's come to once again enjoy the wonders of Freddy Fazbear's Ultimate Custom Pizzeria. The night guard was nowhere to be found, nor any clues were left behind. As for Bonnie and Foxy, Bonnie continued to play music for Foxy's performances to the kids.
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