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A frightening look into what happens when you feel smothered.
Breathing is natural. Breathing is necessary. When you don't breathe you die. But what happens when you dream of not breathing? That's what happened to me.

i was trying to sleep. i thought I succeeded. Then I felt smothered. I mean truly felt I was dying. Spiderwebs were above me and all around me, They threatened me. They came closer and closer. I tried to breathe. i found that I couldn't. I writhed in bed, trying to force myself to breathe. The darkness was all around me. The little breath I could muster was more and more rapid. I could feel my heartbeat double and even triple but instead of helping me to breathe, I felt it going away. The darkness was coming. If it continued, I would die.

I woke up. I forced myself to wake up. I didn't want to. I wanted to sleep, but instead of sleeping, I was dying. I looked around. My room was normal but something had happened. My room seemed like a lighted mausoleum, a lighted grave. I left this grave for now, knowing I would have to come back to it later.

I hoped that this was a one-time thing, an aberration. i hoped it was the sun making my room stuffy and too hot. I hope.
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