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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2227900
Trouble in paradise....
I caught you with her long ago
Locked in your throne-room
It was a long while before
Your regal door creaked open
You didn't hear me knock
...Oh no! love
I did not knock
I beat, then rammed that door
I yelled, then screamed your name
Yes...it was a long while
Before you let me in
And oh, the look in her eyes
Her paralyzed features
Told all I needed to know
I laughed sarcastically, remember
I laughed loud and hardy
To drown out my screams of pain
Then...I limped away
Head held high

Much water has raged under our bridge
'Tween then...and now
You'd think we'd have grown wiser
Never wanting to taste bitterness again

No-o-o-o...not you and I
Content to be wise...Ha!
Happy in a simple life...Never!
You have to be an idiot, and I a moron
You cause the turmoil
I bathe in it
Isn't that our way?
You play the cold and unfeeling
I play the martyr
Well, take a deep breath
Before you look down at your shoes
I'm wearing yours, you're wearing mine
And now...you're caught with her again
I do not laugh sarcastically, though
You see...I want to hear your screams of pain
As I turn my back and walk away
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2227900-If-The-Shoe-Fits