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A lesson is life...
Where are you taking me
How long must I follow
How long will we travel painfully
On this twisting rocky path
Like a child following his mother
I am forgetting my dreams
Staring at your beauty
I am attracted by a force I cannot deny
Stop a moment
Let me see your face
Perhaps I will learn your secret
I am tired and trembling on this horrible trail
I want to follow
But each step brings an uneasy fear
I hear you singing sweetly
But a cold chill runs through me

Once, I was free as the birds
I was like a dream, ever changing
Then you captured my fancy
Since that hypnotic moment
I have been a prisoner
Dragging my shackles
Taken to unknown evil places
I was intoxicated and you stole my will
I find my lips kissing your hand
A hand that now strikes me
Look with your souls eyes
See...you are crushing my heart
I will regain my strength
I will remove my heavy chains
My head will clear
You will no longer have power over me
Again, I will be free like a dream
I will know not to look a the pretty face
But listen to the soul
See past the angels glow and
Hear the hiss of the snake
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