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Joan goes back to working for Seto.
Chapter 56: Tacos

Mokuba went downstairs through the painted tropical jungle and found the others, including Joe and Tamara, already feasting on a mountain of tacos. Dimitri waved a hand at the kitchen counter. "Help yourself."

"Thanks!" Mokuba grabbed a couple of tacos and plopped into a chair beside his bodyguard.

Dimitri handed Mokuba a cold beer and waited until he had taken a few bites before opening, "So, I have to admit that I'm rather uncomfortable with Joan's weird relationship habits since I was raised Christian and taught that all those things were wrong, but a lot of my beliefs have changed over the years, and so I want to understand more about the whole situation."

"Uh, OK."

"First of all, Joan never struck me as the type to date someone for money. She's dated some pretty weird guys, but never for money. I'm trying to figure out what changed."

Mokuba shifted in his seat as he remembered that Joan had mentioned a client before him and Seto, but perhaps Joan had never told Dimitri about that one. He decided to respect her privacy. After all, he could only speak for himself and Seto. "Well, Seto and I are demanding a lot more of her time than Marc is, and she was worried she wouldn't be able to hold down her old job, so we pretty much have to pay her if we want to keep seeing her."

"But initially, did you coerce her into it or something?"

"No. If anything, she coerced me into it. She really wanted to date brothers, so she offered me a discount after she settled things with Seto."

"Wait, how much are you paying her?"

"I don't want to know. Roland handles my finances, so I don't have to know."

"That's actually kinda sweet," Jessica said. "So you're really OK with her dating your brother and having Michael, and Marc, and whatever she's up to with André right now?"

"It's weird, but I guess when you really love someone, that stuff doesn't matter."

"Really? Where do you draw the line?" Dimitri pressed.

Mokuba thought hard on that one as he chewed. The more time he spent with Joan, the more his comfort zone expanded. "That changes every day."

"How so?"

Mokuba didn't want to give them the graphic details, so he started from square one. "When Seto first started having prostitutes brought to the mansion, I was really disturbed by it, even more so when he was cold to the ones who tried to overstay their welcome. But then I got used to it. The women were there to do a job, and the ones who didn't harass him afterwards came back sometimes. I started to consider one for myself, but the thing is that I wanted the extra affection and companionship that Seto rejected. So when Joan showed up at my office and I saw how she was acting with Marc, it all clicked together and I decided to give her a try."

Jessica chuckled. "The way she fawns over Marc is something else. I mean, obviously she does that to you too, but how do you know she means it and she's not just doing it because you pay her?"

"I guess I'll never know for sure. I'll just have to trust her."

"She's a good person to trust," Jessica said. "She would never intentionally hurt anyone, but sometimes intentions aren't enough. I once knew someone who knew someone who was a stripper in college, and she intended just to get through college with stripping, but she wound up hooked on heroin, and-"

Joan popped into the kitchen with André and started grabbing tacos. "Hey! What'd I miss?"

Jessica's eyes darted to her food. Dimitri leaned back innocently. "Mokuba was just telling us more about how you met."

Joan pulled a chair close to Mokuba's and nuzzled his bicep briefly. "About the bicycle?"

"No, about the truth. We don't need that fabrication anymore."

"Sweet." Joan bit into a taco.

"Fabrication?" Dimitri asked.

Mokuba explained their initial "pretending" phase and how they'd used that story on Duke Devlin. Their conversation drifted onto other topics and, all too soon, Joan had to leave for the airport. She hugged everyone goodbye, and her friends insisted on hugging not only Mokuba but the bodyguards as well, wishing everyone a safe journey.

Author's Note: Once again, thanks to "André" for permission to use his lyrics!

Also thanks to "Michael" for his extra suggestions on this one!

Chapter 57: Goodbye Sacramento

On the ride to the airport, Joan called Michael. After her conversation with Mokuba about condoms, she knew Seto would put up even more resistance to them once he found out that she already carried his embryo. Well, a quarter of his embryo anyway. Or, since Seto and Mokuba were brothers, it was more like a 3/8 share of fatherhood. The point remained that, despite Joan's initial resolve to tell Michael face-to-face, she had to tell him before they could revise their condom policy.

After Joan explained the situation to Michael, he admitted that he had also suspected the ring could cause pregnancy. "Man wondered if this might happen. When Man triggered the ring, he was thinking of making Woman pregnant and thought maybe the other males did the same thing. I was hoping for quadruplets, though. Woman sure it's not quadruplets?"

"Woman sure," Joan replied. "It's all your DNA combined into one. I felt it. More importantly, I know it happened that way because I'm only ready for one baby. The ring responds to my feelings too."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

Joan blew a raspberry into the phone. "Anyway, since I'm definitely pregnant, can we let the other guys ditch the condoms?"

"I don't give a fuck anymore. Those rich boys always get what they want anyway, so just go fuck them and bring home the bacon."

"And Marc?"

"I said I don't give a fuck."

"Male OK? He sound a bit angry."

Mokuba stroked Joan's hand in the back seat of Tamara's Prius, leaning away from her phone out of respect for her privacy but unable to avoid hearing the tension in her voice.

"Male having a hard time digesting this. Male been with Woman longer than the rich jerks, but he feel Woman give them too much too fast."

Joan thought about this for a moment. "It's been a long time since I busted out the Bible on anyone, but do you remember the parable of the prodigal son?"

"Oh God no. No, don't start with that shit," Michael said.

"Just listen. Mokuba and Seto found love a lot later in life than you and me, but that doesn't make them any less worthy of it."

Michael groaned. "Male don't care what some guy said two thousand years ago. You're making this worse."

"How am I making it worse?"


"OK, give me a real answer."

"You're rubbing my face in it."

"Rubbing your face in it? I asked you an important question."

"Yeah, and I said fine, but then you had to go on and on about it."

"Woman went on and on because Male didn't sound fine with it."

"Male will be. Male know Woman do what she want, but Male need some time to warm up to it. I feel you've been drifting away and you're making me feel like a third wheel in the relationship. I get that you're letting things develop naturally with them, but it's hard for me without being involved in it. I miss spending time with you."

"We should be able to spend more time together after Marc builds the poly house. I won't have to waste hours traveling to see you all. And if we get Linda in there too, Linda won't have to waste hours traveling to see Male."

"Male have to make sure Linda OK with it, but Male like that idea. He getting tired of shitty apartment with shitty ventilation and no AC. He be much happier in fancy mansion."

"Good Male. Woman hope Male all warm and fuzzy by the time we move in with Marc and Mokuba. Speaking of which, you guys should do some male bonding while I'm in Japan. Play Monsters of the Duel or whatever."

"Male's open to it. Male been rubbed the wrong way by people too many times and he's slow to trust, but since these are people in your life, they're people in my life."

"Thanky, Male!"

"OK pretty lady, I love you bye-bye!"

"Love you too, Male!" Joan ended the call.

Having heard only Joan's half of the conversation and not being entirely sure what to make of it, Mokuba said, "So . . .?"

"So you still have Michael's number, right?"


"Text him and see if you can set up a playdate."

"Uh . . . do you mean hanky-panky playtime or just video games?"

"Just video games. Michael might tease from time to time, but he's straight." Joan snuggled up to Mokuba. "Don't worry. As soon as Michael sees you're not an arrogant prick like Seto, you two will get along fine."

"You know, it's weird how you can call Seto an arrogant prick, which is true, but you make it sound so endearing at the same time."

Before Joan could respond, Mokuba's phone buzzed with a text from Marc: The upgrades are ready. Mokuba tapped a few icons on his phone and spoke a password at Joan's forearm.

Joan watched the dull plastic-like mask on her ring transform to gorgeous, glimmering gems. She could still tell the difference if she looked hard enough, but someone who had never seen the naked gems would never know. "Tell Marc it's amazing."

"Will do." Mokuba tapped out the message while Joan continued admiring her ring. "Marc says he's going to spend the rest of the weekend updating the blueprints for our house. If there's anything in particular you want, be sure to let him know."

"Michael will want good airflow and AC. He gets really cranky when he gets too hot."

"That's a given, but I'll make note of it just in case. What about for you, personally?"

"Mainly a private office so I can have some peace and quiet and maybe get back to my editing work when I'm not fucking you."

"We'll have lots of rooms. You can pick whichever one you want for that. I mean do you want a swimming pool or anything like that?"

Joan shrugged. "Only if you really want one. I'd rather have a lot of fruit trees, and then, when we have more fruit than we can eat, we take it down to a train station and give it away."

"That sounds fun, but I don't think Seto would approve of that last part."

"What if we hire someone else to take the fruit to the train station?"

"We could probably convince him to do that."

They passed the rest of the ride poking through a list of properties for sale on Mokuba's phone. One of Seto's secretaries had compiled the list based on Marc's initial blueprints as well as Joan's stipulation about it being within walking distance of a train station. By the time they pulled up to the airport, they had ranked their favorites, and Mokuba had asked the secretary to place a bid on the clear winner.

They took their luggage out of the trunk, Tamara handed Joe the keys, and he went off to park while Mokuba saw Joan and Tamara through the monotonous airport lines. Joan kissed him right before she got to the first TSA agent, causing a few onlookers to whip out their phones and start recording. With Tamara close behind her and Mokuba still watching from the sidelines, Joan didn't feel a shred of agoraphobia as she handed her ID to the stoic agent. The agent handed it back to her and waved her through.

Joan put her boots, carry-on suitcase, and laptop bag onto the conveyor belt before stepping into the scanner. It flagged her duel disk implant, and the agents waved her aside for a pat-down.

"Seriously?" Mokuba called over the barrier. "You realize who you're dealing with, right?"

"They know," Joan called back. "They just want a little feel."

A female agent donned gloves and went through her routine, more afraid of a lawsuit from the hovering CEO and bodyguard than anything else. The agent pressed so lightly that, had Joan been hiding anything, it would have gone undetected. Joan explained the purpose of the duel disk implant, adding that she was on her way to spend some quality time with Seto Kaiba, who had designed the implant in the first place. Still, they swabbed her left arm and hand for explosive residues before they cleared her for travel.

Joan jumped and waved to Mokuba to let him know everything was all right before heading to her gate.

Seto, or Roland depending on how one looked at it, spared little expense on Joan and Tamara's accommodations. While not quite as luxurious as Seto's private jet would have been, Joan's first-class suite included not only a bed but access to a shower, which she sorely needed after the day's adventures. She wound up singing one of André's songs as she showered and kept humming it as she climbed into bed.

Take me now
Don't let me fall while we talk about it
Shake me now and let me be with you
Wake me now
Don't let me sleep through this moment
For the sake of me now just make me be with you

So goodbye Sacramento, I loved you since the day we met
Goodbye Sacramento, I will someday be back again

Chapter 58: Arrival

Joan's plane arrived in the wee hours of the morning well before sunrise. Thankfully, she'd gotten plenty of sleep. She tensed with nervous energy as she and Tamara wove their way through customs and figured out where to go next.

Roland spotted the women looking at overhead signs and came over to greet them. "Mrs. Kaiba," he said with a bow, "I hope you had a pleasant trip."

Tamara and Joan bowed in return. "We did, thanks. How's Seto?"

Roland chose his words carefully to protect Seto's privacy over his operation as several people glanced their way and surreptitiously turned their ears towards the American whore. "Mr. Kaiba had an urgent matter to attend to and regrets not being able to make it here, but he is eagerly awaiting your arrival at Kaiba Manor."

Joan caught the implication and grinned. She could ask more about Seto's condition once they had vacated the airport.

Joan and Tamara followed Roland to a limo even fancier than the one Seto had rented in California. Once inside, Roland explained that the surgery had proceeded smoothly without complications. Seto's doctor had ordered him to rest, but Seto insisted he felt fine. They'd convinced Seto not to make the trip to the airport, but they knew all bets were off once Seto got Joan alone. Roland urged Joan to steer clear of touching Seto's left temple. He drilled the point home by saying that the stitches were hidden under Seto's hair, and not to forget this fact even in the most passionate moments.

Roland pointed out landmarks along the ride while Joan marveled at everything from the comfort of leather seats. They passed an enormous skyscraper crowned with a red and yellow disk. Two Blue-Eyes White Dragon statues guarded the entrance, and abundant KC logos left Joan with no doubts as to the building's purpose.

Roland smiled as Joan continued staring at the tower through the back window. "Mr. Kaiba wanted to remind you that additional employment opportunities are still open to you."

"It's impressive but not my kind of place," Joan said.

The limo left the city and rolled past an orchard, followed by estates with mansions. After clearing a security gate, the limo pulled into a driveway lined with neatly trimmed hedges. It stopped in front of a massive white manor with six columns supporting a triangular awning. Rather stuffy for a game developer, but I'm not sure what I was expecting anyway, Joan thought.

A butler opened the door for them, but the moment Joan stepped inside, Seto grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. "Leave your bags. They'll be brought up later."

"Whoa, can I at least get a, 'Hello' or, 'How was your trip,' or something?" Joan asked as they charged down a hallway and into an enormous bedroom.

Seto spoke as he shucked his pants, grabbed a condom from a side table, and bent her over the bed. "Hi, how are you?"

Joan's torso hit the bed. "Good, you?"

Seto hiked up her dress and yanked down her panties. "I need to drain my balls." He sheathed his throbbing cock and dove into her without further preamble.

Joan moaned as the copulation commenced. It only lasted a few seconds, even shorter than their first time.

Seto withdrew and collapsed on the bed in bliss. Joan kicked her panties off her ankles, wondering why she'd bothered to put them on in the first place since she was no longer expecting a period. Perhaps she should go commando for a while.

Joan stretched out beside Seto, running her fingers over his still-clothed chest. "What was that?"

"I needed that. I'll fuck you more in a bit."

Joan noticed that, despite the short intromission, he'd released a voluminous load. She fondled the condom. "You've been holding out on your other whores."

"Those stupid cunts? All fired. Why risk a retard baby?"

Joan moved her hand to stroke his face, remembering the stitches and keeping her hand below his cheekbone for good measure. "They're probably a lot smarter than you give them credit for. I bet most of them were just acting dumb because that's what they thought you wanted. A lot of men are intimidated by smart women."

"Please." Seto leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. He drew back slightly, speaking in a smooth, low tone. "If they're not smart enough to figure out what I want on their own, they're not smart enough to carry my heir." He went in for another, longer kiss.

Joan recalled his teasing on the day they met and thought how some women might take it the wrong way. However, she didn't see the point in arguing further. "Speaking of heirs, guess what I brought with me."

"Your uterus?"

"My uterus is only the carrying case."

"Did you put in another IUD so Wurzel would miss his window of opportunity?"

"No, even better!"

"Stop beating around the bush, whore."

Joan kissed him and willed the vision that Mokuba had shared with her into him. Why bother with words when he might not believe them anyway? She made sure he got everything and added her memory of the conversation with Michael about condoms for good measure.

Chapter 59: Jet Lag

Seto stared at her hard for a moment before peeling off the condom he still wore and flinging it across the room. "Why didn't you tell me before I wasted that thing?"

"You didn't give me time."

"And how long did that take?"

Joan smirked. "Longer than you took."

"Dammit, whore." Seto spread her legs and mounted her, once again paying little heed to their clothing. He slipped inside her bare, and the burst of raw sensation nearly overwhelmed him. He fought his orgasm this time, counting the strokes as he concentrated on her hair. One look in her eyes, and he knew he would lose it. He did anyway, filling her with more than he realized he could make in such a short refractory period.

Seto collapsed on top of Joan and held her there until she wiggled out from under him. Her dress fell back into place as semen dribbled down her thighs. "Next time you'll have to work for it," Joan taunted as she searched for something to wipe up the mess. Seeing not a towel in sight and noting the collection of dragon figurines without a speck of dust, she deduced that Seto's cleaning staff would handle everything.

Seto rolled over and gazed at her backside. "The more semen I get in you, the more of the child will be mine, right?"

Joan admired the craftsmanship, the intricate details and jeweled eyes of the dragons as she spoke. "This one's DNA is already set, but maybe we could work it that way for the next one. You'll be in competition with the other guys, and you'll get that weird head sensation every time they cum, too."

"No problem. I'll just cancel your flight back to America."

Joan turned from the dragon figurines and stared into his iolite eyes. "And deny your brother access to me?"

Seto's breath caught in his throat. He only saw the wage monkey as competition. Marc he respected but could do without. Mokuba, on the other hand, was the most important person in the world to him. If he couldn't live without Joan, how could he possibly expect Mokuba to?

Joan's serious expression broke into a grin. "Thought so." Even without reading his mind, the expression on Seto's face said everything. She leaned over him and kissed him, taking in the fullness of his love for both her and Mokuba. She completed them, tied them closer together even when an ocean lay between them.

An alarm on Seto's bedside table went off, and he stopped it with a simple voice command. "Whore, normally I would be working today, but since I'm still supposedly recovering from jet lag, the day is ours."

Joan remembered that her usual bedtime would fall in the afternoon here. "Speaking of jet lag, we'll need to reach a compromise on sleep schedules since I'll be traveling back and forth every week. And since I've got that volunteer thing coming up, I'm not even going back to California this time but straight to Pennsylvania, which is three hours in the other direction. Can you stay on California time for this trip? I'll move my schedule closer to Japan time after this."

Seto sat up. His eyes roamed her shapely figure, appreciating the way her dress complemented her body. "Only if you do something for me. Come to work with me tomorrow. Once you see the place, I'd like you to reconsider working with me."

Joan rolled her eyes but smiled. "I'll take a look, but if you plan to set up a desk for me, I'd rather have one here in your mansion."

"How about two desks?"

Joan took Seto's hands in hers. "Look, I get it. The new and shiny on our relationship hasn't worn off yet, but it's going to wear off a whole lot faster if you stick me in your office."

"Marc and his wife manage fine."

"They seem to," Joan admitted, "but things aren't always as they seem. Even if things are as they seem, we're not Marc and Laura."

Seto pulled Joan back onto the bed, atop himself. He lifted the hem of her dress and traced her mons veneris with his fingers. "But Marc is part of you now, and so am I."

Joan straddled Seto, rubbing herself against his growing erection. "I thought you would be upset by that. Are you homo for Marc?"

Seto echoed Mokuba's words with a smirk. "Maybe a little." His expression dropped to one more serious. "I'm more relieved than anything. You've shown me you have a handle on the magic, but I still don't entirely understand how. I want to take some time to study it — find out the mechanism behind it."

"Of course." Joan felt the tip of his cock probing her but denied him entrance. Her grin waxed wicked as she teased him.

Seto grabbed her hips and attempted to impale her, but she intentionally missed his rod as she went down. "I told you you'd have to work for it this time."

Seto growled in frustration. "Whore, are you sure you want to play this game in your condition?"

Joan brushed his ear with her lips. "Green."

They spent the next several minutes tumbling, grappling, and struggling for dominance until Joan let him in again. They spent the rest of the day in bed, breaking only for a meal prepared by Seto's personal chef in the opulent dining room. Seto informed Roland of their plans to stay on California time before they headed back to bed. Joan thoroughly exhausted Seto, and they fell into a deep, restful sleep.

Chapter 60: Dragons

Joan and Seto woke before midnight. Joan stretched and wrapped herself in a blanket. She strolled to a window and looked out at the starry sky. Seto came up behind her and pulled the blanket down, exposing her breasts to the cold night air.

"Showing me off to your neighbors?" Joan asked.

Seto fondled her stiffening nipples. "Unlike your slum of an apartment, nobody around here lives close enough to see."

As Joan's eyes adjusted to the darkness outside, she noticed trees blocking every possible line of sight. Perhaps a front window would give nosey neighbors an eyeful, but Seto's room sat at the back of the mansion. An idea took shape in Joan's mind. "Have you ever fucked outside?"

"Like gutter rats?"

Joan turned to face him. "Like dragons."

Seto's iolite eyes widened and sizzled. He grabbed Joan's hand, and they ran naked through the hallway, down the stairs, and out the back door.

Meanwhile, the night security guard watched the security cameras. He panicked and woke Roland. Roland's wife heard the alarm in the night guard's voice and shot up as well. She followed Roland to the video-feed room that adjoined their bedroom and observed from the doorway.

Roland squinted at the active monitor until his vision cleared. He groaned. There, on the moonlit grass, Joan and Seto wrestled for dominance. "Leave them be."

"But sir, they look like they're going to kill each other."

"They're fine. There's not even any blood this time."


Roland sighed, not sure how to explain the void that Joan filled in Seto's life. "She didn't come all the way from California just to murder her employer. On top of that, they're engaged."

"They're getting married!?" the night guard asked. "What if she kills him after the wedding and takes all his money?"

Roland's wife crept closer and gasped when she saw what her husband was viewing. Roland turned away from the screen and put a reassuring hand on his wife's shoulder. "There won't be a legal marriage, just a wedding. She already has a husband in California. She's going to change her last name to Kaiba, and they'll keep paying her per session."

Roland's wife blinked. "They?"

"Seto and Mokuba."

"That whore!" Roland's wife continued watching the feed in horror.

"Yes," Roland agreed. "That's what Seto calls her. It's all over the news."

"You know I never watch the news. It's all lies and slander!"

"Not this time."

"This is disgraceful. We can't stand for this."

Roland shrugged. "It's not our house. It never was."

"Then we need new jobs," his wife huffed.

"We're two years away from retirement, and our departure wouldn't change anything between them. The Kaiba brothers are head-over-heels for her. She's made them happier than they've ever been."

"But she's married."

"She's not the first married whore Seto has fucked. Her husband knows. He's fine with it."

Roland's wife crossed her arms. "And how would you feel if I fucked Seto?"

Roland fought hard not to laugh. His wife was hardly Seto's type. Aside from her age, she was too proper and old-fashioned, not to mention superstitious. "My darling, if Seto Kaiba ever laid a finger on you, I would blast a hole through his skull."

"And you don't think her husband will do the same?"

Roland sighed. "There's a duel you need to see." He turned to the night guard. "You too. In fact the entire staff needs to see it. I'll put Tamara on the cameras for now. She was there and doesn't need a recap."

Roland went to wake the rest of the staff and summoned them to the basement for a conference while Joan and Seto continued their romp in the back yard. The lovers came back inside an hour later, hungry and in need of a shower.

Now that her excitement had died down, Joan noticed how eerily quiet the manor felt as they walked through the high-ceilinged rooms. "Do you think anyone saw that?"

"If nobody saw it, somebody's fired," Seto replied. He led Joan to the video-feed room and poked his head in the door. He saw Tamara sitting there. "Enjoy the show?"

"Your technique needs work," Tamara commented.

"Are you volunteering to show me how it's done?" Seto challenged.


"Your loss." Seto shut the door and headed back to the master bedroom with Joan.

"Are you angling for a threesome?" Joan asked.

"Whore, what did I say yesterday?"

"That you don't want to risk a retard baby."

"Exactly." Seto entered his bathroom and pressed a button on the wall. Immediately, both the shower and an enormous bathtub started running water. He pulled Joan into the shower. "And since your bodyguard can't even recognize greatness when he's standing right in front of her, she counts as a retard."

Joan rolled her eyes as she sudsed his body. "I didn't mean with her. She's obviously not interested. I mean generally speaking, do you want threesomes with other women?"

"Been there, done that. It got old fast. So generally speaking no, unless you want that."

"Just with men. Would you do a threesome with me and my husband, for me?" Joan's eyes glistened as she grinned at him.

Seto's eye twitched. "How about anyone but him? Will that ring protect you from unwanted sperm?"

"Presumably it should. It has only responded to sperm from the four of you anyway."

Seto's eyes narrowed. "Who else's sperm have you had?"

"My friend André's, just orally."

"You realize I got you pregnant orally, right?"

"Right, but Andre's name isn't on the ring. He has no power over it, and even if he did, I'm pretty sure my consent is required for the ring to work."

"Pretty sure?" Seto stepped out of the shower, and Joan followed. It automatically turned off. "I want you staying away from knuckleheads all the same."

Joan suppressed a laugh. "André's not a knucklehead."

Seto sank into the bath. "Prove it."

Joan joined Seto in the bath and settled into his lap. She collected her thoughts for a moment before releasing a stream of visions. She showed Seto how she first met André at a music party hosted by Dimitri, how André and Dimitri talked circles around her once-treasured religious beliefs, how sharp André looked on his way to give a physics lecture, and his clever song lyrics. Most of all, she shared how André comforted her immediately after a big breakup, how they talked for so many hours that Joan missed her train home and called Michael to let him know she'd be staying the night at Neverland. She wound up cuddling with André that night, talking until they drifted off to sleep from mental exhaustion.

"Fuck," Seto said as the vision faded. He took a few breaths to recover from the rush of information interspersed with sparks pounding his brain. As much as he hated to admit it, André had played a vital role in shaping Joan's personality. "Why didn't you mention that man earlier?"

"He's a friend with benefits, not anything more. He wants a monogamous relationship, and the sexual component of our friendship terminates the moment he gets a girlfriend."

"All right, you've convinced me. He's not a knucklehead; he's an outright idiot. Giving you up for someone else is unthinkable."

Joan shrugged. "I'm just not what he's looking for."

"Keep his sperm out of you then."

Joan smirked. "Convince me."

Seto dropped his head against the edge of the tub, his Adam's apple protruding. "There's no convincing you, whore."

"There is, but you'd better have a damn good argument."

Seto thought of what he'd seen in Joan's memories about how André had spent hours debating with her about religion. It wasn't the only factor in her decision to abandon church, but it played a significant role. In truth, Seto had no good arguments for why Joan should stop playing around with André other than the fact that André made him feel inadequate, which he wasn't about to admit. He'd simply have to work harder at keeping Joan satisfied, both physically and intellectually.

Author's Note: Attention, duelists! I have a fetus. Yes, I'm gestating a coronial! Joan is so lucky she has that magic ring preventing her from getting morning sickness.

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