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A squishing story involving Chiaki playing with a bunch of tiny squishy smash bros gals
(Note: to avoid confusion in this or any later chapters, the smash bros gals will act similar to how they do in their games, only with the knowledge that they are video game characters in a video game world, only in this story they'll presume they are still in said game world and presume Chiaki is a new boss. while Chiaki will obviously view them as squishy toys that act like her some of her favorite video game girls, more will be explained later on in the story but that's just the basics for the story and how the basic interactions will be)

It had been another good day at Hopes Peak Academy as I made my way home, I was quite happy as I made my walk back home, it had been great to hang out with all my friends today but I was also glad that it was finished so that I could have some time to go home and relax and game all to myself.

Oh and I don't think I've introduced myself, I'm Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Gamer. And today was a special day in particular, although things had started and well throughout the school day been mostly the same, however once I had gotten home I would receive something truly amazing~

"Phew almost home, can't wait to finally get inside and have some gaming time all to myself" I said with a smile as I walked up to my house, only to see a rather large box at the doorstep with a label on the front that said "To: Chiaki Nanami". Interested in what it was I picked it up as I opened the door to my house and walked inside, with my parents still being at work I was all to myself as I sat the box down on the table in the middle of the room before closing the front door shut as I looked at the box with fascination.

"Hmm I wonder who this is from" I asked myself, since their was no name listed for who it was from on the box, looking around the box for a moment as I saw a note attached to it that made my eyes light up with excitement as I unfolded the paper. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I won!" I cheered with a big smile, the note was from a raffle I had entered in, they were giving out a special set of merchandise of stuff from the game:Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and being a big fan of the game myself I decided to enter to see if I could win, whoever had won would get a box containing the special merch right to their door, of course they wouldn't be a way to know that you've won until it reaches your door, as they wanted to keep the winner unanimous, only releasing info about the time and date the winner would receive their prize, but just seeing this box and reading the note I had now known that I had won.

Overjoyed about how lucky I was I decided to do what else but then open this box to see what was inside, slowly peeling of the tape and pulling off the cardboard covers as I was given the sight of packing peanuts, mostly there to protect the contents inside as I searched inside only to pull out multiple different things.

Lining them up I was brought with a big smile as I had looked at the set of what I presumed to be a bunch of amiibos of all the various smash bros girls, going from characters like Peach, to Zelda, to Samus (who I found it a bit odd that she only had a figure for her Zero Suit appearance, similarly with Zelda only having her main appearance bit no other figure for Sheik) to even Bayonetta, even containing the DLC fighters Byleth and Min Min, both of which surprised me as I wasn't aware they even had amiibos yet, however one thing stood out as particularly odd to me.

All the amiibos had little buttons on the sides of their trophy stands, confused of what this was I decided to look into the box to see if there was something in the box that explained the strange addition, presuming this was something added intentionally rather then a production error, especially for something for a contest like this.

In the box I found a manual for the figures, making me realize that these weren't amiibos, just very similar looking figurines, looking through the manual I saw the words Super Smash Sisters: Squishy Figures, interested in the name and the name particularly the words squishy, I continued looking through the booklet, "Congratulations on winner our raffle for your very set of specially made Super Smash Bros Ultimate figures, or as we call them Super Smash Sisters with this set containing the various girls that star in the game..." I read as I kept going through it, skipping the stuff such as the shipping and handling info and other unimportant stuff until I got to a section talking about the figures themselves.

"In this box you will find various figurines of the various smash bros gals, something you might notice right of the bat is that the figures will have a little button on the side of their trophy stands, pressing the button will activate the special features inside each of these figures, basically it will bring the figure to life, with each of the figurines moving and acting just like the characters."

"Oh so that's what the buttons are for" I said to myself before continuing to read, "Not only will the figures come to life but all of them have another special feature, in that once being brought to life there's bodies will become squishy and stretchy, being designed to be able to be stretched and squashed to any extent and yet being unable to be destroyed." My eyes lighted up again upon reading this, "Wow that's amazing" I said with amazement, surprised at the special feature and wanting to get to try this out now, their was still a little bit left in the manual so I decided to continue.

"The characters as to keep them accurate to their Smash Bros. appearance might also fight back or try to attack you but do not worry, their attacks are completely harmless, at most they might provide I little ticklish sensation buts that's about it, also if you end up wanting to transport the fighter back to the stand then just press the button again and they'll be moved instantly back to their trophy stand and be returned to their figurine state" I had finally finished reading with more excitement now, it was almost like I now had the female smash bros cast all to myself with how they'd act just like them and would even fight like in the game, as I went to grab one of the toys.

I decided to start things out simple, grabbing Princess Peach so I could play with her first, feeling it might get a bit chaotic turning them all on at once I had decided the mushroom Princess would make a good first toy to play with as I went and pressed the button, making it light up as a yellow light covered the figure for a moment before disappearing as I looked and saw the figurine was now alive, not only that but it looked different too, going from looking just like the amiibo to looking exactly like the actual character from the game, like Peach had literally jumped out of the game and onto my table.

"Huh, where am I" Peach said with confusion as she looked around, only to see me towering above her, "Wow it's just like the actual Princess Peach, it even talks the same as she does in the game" I chirped as Peach looked back still confused, "Wait what do you mean I sound like the actual Peach? Is this some new boss that was just added that I didn't know about?" Peach wondered not knowing that she wasn't in her game world anymore and was now the squishy toy to this Gamer Girl.

"Well time to test out your squishiness, I can't wait to see how this works" I cooed as I brought a hand to both sides of you turning you confusion to sudden panic "Wait.. WHA- AAAUGH" peach squeaked as I pressed my palms together, giving Peach only a moment to turn her body to look at my palms before they squashed her, rubbing my palms together for a moment as I enjoyed how surprisingly soft she felt before bringing them apart as her flattened body fluttered down onto the table all floppy.

"Wow they really are squishy, that's so amazing" I giggled as I looked back at Peach and her flattened form for a moment before deciding to try out the try out the other feature of this figure, grabbing Peach's hands with one arm and her legs with the other I then pulled Peach out really far, stretching her out as far as I could pull my arms out as she easily stretching the full way, "Yep, looks like she's just as stretchy as the manual said, these toys really are quite awesome" I said with glee as I got another idea.

I slowly rolled Peach up into one palm as I squished her together into a ball, squeezing her tightly as I enjoyed her soft touch, placing her down for a moment as I picked up the other Super Smash Sisters figures and put them back into the box along with the manual and Peach's trophy stand, taking the box of figures and picking Peach's squished up ball form as I went upstairs to my room, being where all my consoles and other gaming stuff was.

Once in I threw the squashed Princess onto the ground in front of my gaming chair as she landed with a splat and a soft groan before placing the box down onto my bed as I went and grabbed the various Figurines and placed them onto a nearby shelf that had some space on it finishing as I paced the last gal minus Peach as I put the box to the side and returned my attention to Peach.

"I do want to game some by myself, but I guess I'll also have a little something to comfort me while I play~" I smiled, pulling my shoes and socks off as I stomped my feet onto Peach, squashing her even more under my soles as I sat down onto the comfy gaming chair and turned on the console as I picked up a controller and started up a game, all while Peach laid below under my soles, comforting them the whole time as I rubbed my feet against her now blobby form, letting out small whimpers as she was squashed relentlessly by my feet for hours, only getting a brief break as I went down to get dinner, only to comeback shortly thereafter and trample her even more excitedly then before.

Eventually the day was over as it had become night time as I had finished my gaming session "Yaaaawn.. Sleepy.." I said tiredly, saving my progress on the game as I turned off the console and put away the controller before looking down at the pulverized princess, "Well that'l was quite the fun time, this squishy toy really helped keep my soles comfortable while I played" I cooed as I squeezed my toes on the mushy princess making her let out a quiet exhausted sigh.

"Now if I remember from what that manual said I should be able to return you to your trophy stand by pressing the button again" I said as I grabbed the little trophy stand and pressed the button, suddenly Peach's body returned to normal in an instant before automatically teleporting to its trophy stand and returning to its original position, making her look like how she was as before she had been brought to life, although with a more surprised and shocked looking pose similar to when I first squashed her only with her body not being flat, making the princess completely immobile and unable to think at all about what had just happened, basically turning her into a statue.

"Oh so that's how it works, good to know I don't need to worry about how to get then unsquished," I laughed as I placed the Peach figure on the shelf with the other before laying down in my bed to go to sleep, today had been a wonderful day, receiving my new collection of squishy Super Smash Sisters, and getting to play with one of them, and this was only the first of many squishy toys that I would get to play with, I could only wonder about how much fun I'd have with some of the others tomorrow when I got to play with them as I laid down and looked at the shelf of all the figures once more before closing my eyes and going to sleep, having sweet dreams of ideas for ways I'd play with my squishy toys when I got to play with more of my collection tomorrow~
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