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Suddenly got this idea, in it I wanted a character of mine to meet a maiden.
Tracing the concrete floor trying to find the sound of the singing, Neil went off the path and pushed against the branches and stumbled across patches of soggy ground that swallowed his finely polished boots.

His suit torn from a thorny bush, but he trudged on, the voice is fading away.

He does not want to lose it again.

So, breathing heavily he soldiered on. His ill fit body heaving as he climbed over roots and small streams that flowed gently towards...

He stumbled as his feet caught in some hole, his flailing arms grabbed only empty air. Then his world turned upside down as he falls face first into a small pond well hidden by the leaves and low-lying bushes.

He staggered back up, but not until his panic had caused his to swallow a large gulp of the stinky stale water.

He dry-coughed, feeling the sludge-like water going down his digestive tracks like an invasive gastroscope examination.

Teary-eyed, Neil dragged his feet as he crawled forward though the gaps between two bushes with barbed seeds. He then leapt up and headed straight for the clearing that he had spotted though the gaps between the aged trees.

He stopped at the edge of a lake, wavelets gently brushing against his soaked socks and leather shoes.

But his clumsiness and ruined attire is all worth it.

There stood a maiden on the other side of the lake, her neck strained slightly like a spooked deer, her green eyes looking straight at the "beast" that disturbed her solitude.

She smiled at the way Neil's clothes were all torn up and the mud stains and leaves that stuck to Neil's face.
He stood there slightly agape, his heart thumped uncontrollably as he took in every detail of the lass in front of him.

Her white dress and the simple flower crown made her more like an angelic fairy than a mere mortal.

Neil tried to swallow, but his throat can still taste the foul water. But he still stared at her smile with a sheepish grin on his face, his mouth moved unconsciously, as if mouthing some words to praise her beauty and professing his soul belongs to her now.

Then the maiden is joined by a man who looked like a prince, might as well just be a prince.
She took his gloved hand, animators are too lazy to draw the hands.

Then with a courteous curtsy, she departed with her perfect looking mate, while Neil who looked like some kind of a Beast, stood motionless.

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