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Can you travel like this.
Thunder sound hears like mighty roar, that sound disturbed your sleep. When you opened your eyes, you are feeling strange because you woke up in a different place. That place is filled with smog, slowly you understood you are standing on the clouds. Entire place is filled with blues. Clouds suddenly starts moving; After few minutes entire place gets dark. Sparkling lightning blackouts your eyes. After few hours, you are opening your eyes. You are standing in the midst of the fairy land. That is a heavenly beautiful place filled with flying small fairies, they are wondering at you and they are providing you foods. They gave you one hug of pixie dust and they some dust sprinkled on you, you started flying. Suddenly, you got stuck in a heavy storm your heart is filled with fear and you fainted. Later, when you opened your eyes you are in Lilliput. Tiny humans living there took care of you because after Gulliver's visit they accept humans there. Later, you used your pixie dust to to fly away from there. You landed on the place of one eyed monsters. They are coming near by you, you are about to faint. They gave you the great feast, they looked ugly but they have beautiful hearts. They gave you a ship to travel on the ocean. Later your ship was taken by the Ariel to the place of evil souls. Evil souls are coming near you to drink your blood. You sprinkled pixie dust from the jug you are having near by you. When you opened your eyes, you are soaked in water lying on your bed. Your water jug near by you is empty now.
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