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You will fly too close to the sun.
Before it became a competition;
“which one can block the other faster”;
It was kissing on the grass at Riverfront Park,
looking into your eyes
like I just discovered a field of gold in your soul.

Before it turned into
you, not even bothering to read my messages;
You said you’d do anything for me.
But if I had asked you to marry me,
you’d say no.

But that’s not why I gave up on
trying to reach you.
I gave up because
in March, I was well on my way
to becoming a smoker because
you thought I couldn’t.

I gave up because
you talked shit about me
like it was a competition
and you were losing.

And I gave up because
you are Icarus.
You will fly too close to the sun,
and I do not want to be there
when you fall back to Earth.
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