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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2228115
Blaze the Cat finds a gold tank but would soon fall into the same fate as Rouge-
(Warning: This story contains body inflation, nudity, mild flatulence, popping and some coarse language. Read at your own risk)

(P.S. this is kind of like a sequel to this story I made months ago: https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2226675-Bat-of-Gold
I do recommend reading that story if you were satisfied with this one. Thanks!)

5 months have passed since the incident with Rouge. Since then, The Golden tank just sat there in the forest, attracting dirt, and moss. But shortly, that was about to change when a cat came into the forest. That cat was Blaze. She was in the forest carrying a garbage bag to find anything that was valuable in her eyes.

"Now, I've been told this forest has a bunch of things some would seen valuable, like gold coins or jewels. Why anyone would leave them here is beyond me," said Blaze as she had a disbelief of this truth. So far, all she could find is a hand painted trinket, a half dollar, and a dusty gold bar. But what would soon catch her eye is a golden helium tank that was covered in moss.

"What.. is that? Could it be something heavily valuable?!" She quickly ran to the moss covered object and brushed it off, only to be disappointed that it wasn't a giant gold bar, but instead the Golden Helium Tank. Out of frustration, she sighed and said, "Now, I can understand why a half dollar is valuable to many, but a helium tank? It probably looks like it was painted gold to make it seem valuable." She tried to brush it off with her finger but to her surprise, the tank was actually gold. She still had her doubts, but she decided to take it anyway, before muttering to herself, "It probably still works.."

A minute later was when she really dug deep into the forest. Blaze didn't seem like she qas getting any luck, as she was sweating to the heat of this day. Blaze took a break from her exploration, as she sat down, asking herself, "Geez, is it hot in here, or is it just me...?" She opened a bottle of milk and then opened up the bag. Taking a look at the tank, she asked, "What can you do that makes you remotely valuable, anyway? You just seem like an average air tank to me."
The tank would soon work it's magic as it started to glow yellow, startling Blaze a bit as her fur stood up. "Eep!!"
She quickly crawled back and hid behind a tree stump, preparing for some attack the tank was going to do. But instead of exploding, or something similar to that, it stopped glowing, while Blaze was peeking from the stump.

"Well, that was a bit anticlimactic," scoffed Blaze as she put the tank in the bag again, then threw her now empty bottle at it. Now she was no longer sweating and now took off again.

Two more minutes later and she was still treasure hunting in the forest. It was dusk at this point, and it felt like she's been in this blazing forest forever. But her disappointment would soon become joy, as she saw a nearby jewel. "Oh boy! Finally something good to come out of this expedition!" She quickly ran to the jewel and was starry-eyed and surprised to see how this looked intact, like it was recently abandoned.
"Now why would anyone drop a perfectly good jewel?! This just means I have one more valuable thing for this bag!" She bent down to pick up the jewel, only to be stopped by a loud... *SHHRRIIIP!*

Blaze, out of confusion, and terror, slowly went back up to see what happened. She turned around and looked down, to find not only her butt grew in a massive size, but her pants ripped, exposing her pink panties.
"Eep!!" she said out of embarrassment, "M-My ass, it... it's huge!" She rubbed it a bit for her butt to squeak. "And these were my favorite pants... Well, at least no one else is in this forest but me..." she sighed and picked the jewel up, still glad she found something valuable for once. As she was walking with her now enlarged butt, she felt full all of a sudden, as she rubbed her belly.

"That's... odd. I feel rather full, but I haven't eaten much since noon! And I feel all... lightheaded... Actually, now that I think about it, I feel a bit lighter."
Her belly would slowly inflate, but Blaze was too distracted to notice, as she kept walking, thinking about her lightheadedness. Later on, her belly would eventually make her tail coat give away, as a button popped off.
"Yipe!" shrieked Blaze as the rest of the buttons would give away as well! "Fuck, now my stomach too?! What's happening to me?!" Her belly was inflating a bit more faster, next her ass would join in on inflating again.
"No, no, no! Not my ass again!!" The air would rush to her thighs, and legs, making her pants fully give away, now exposing her bare legs. "Agh.. I feel tighter than a drum.. And I feel like I'm gonna explode soon if I don't do something!" She quickly ran to find something that could stop the inflating, or at least slow it down. She found some red mushrooms at a nearby pond and decided to eat those so that she would stop inflating. Unfortunately, the inflation would get worse as she felt her belly rumble and began to fart.
"S-shit! This wasn't meant to happen! Ohh, this is really unladylike of me!" Blaze was super embarrassed to become a balloon animal. A gassy one at that. She ran to her bag, as her shoes were about to give as well, she noticed the tank was glowing in an ominous red this time. "It's glowing again?!" asked Blaze. "I bet you have something to do with all of this!!" Out of anger, she formed a fireball and shot at the tank. Unfortunately for her, that would only provoke the tank, as her breasts began to inflate, still farting, only harder.
"Agh!! My boobs too?!" Blaze could only fear that she would eventually burst. But as she couldn't do much but slowly become a blimp, she started to float up in the air. Her fear of heights got the better of her as it felt like everything was really high. She screamed in panic, and cried for help, but it was no use.
By this point, all of her clothes, including her gloves were ripped into pieces. Her body parts were mini balloons, including her tail, hands, and feet, even her ears. Her cheeks started to swell up, and she could no longer speak, just muffle.
"MMMPHH!!" She screamed as she was still high up in the air, and began to cry from her fear of heights and humiliation. Her body was creaking up a storm, while her ass was still farting up a storm with a *braap* and *ffrpprpp* here and there.
But, as Blaze was still crying, she could hear a loud moan, and it didn't sound pretty.
"MMMM?!" The moaning and groaning soon grew louder and louder until...


The explosion was a bit louder than Rouge's, as it could be heard in a 5 mile radius. Pieces of Blaze were scattered around, and the farting would soon clear up. But, the Helium Tank, along with the other valuables, were still in the forest, and it was waiting for it's next newcomer.

The end!
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