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My autobiography in 2 poems, part 2 next. If you were born in 1950's, you might relate.
A Life (Part one: the 1st 30 years)

If we are fortunate to live long enough,
Looking in a rearview mirror is uncomfortably tough.
Ah, what questions abound in cerebral gray stuff.
Did I make good decisions? Was I soft or rough?

As a little girl, I lived princess dreams.
My dad was king, mom a sweet strict queen,
My brother teased, together we schemed.
Rendezvous neath' a Christmas tree, annual routine.

I was invincible; riding my bike, no holding on.
Speeding in cars, no seatbelt, buzzed till dawn.
Sure I was in love, then virginity was gone.
Growing up, a 1960’s teenager in naive Babylon.

Marriage was the goal for women then.
College was the place to scout successful men.
I married “the one”; older, smart, loving, stable AMEN
Worked for a year, then bought a playpen.

I want an A grade for doing it right.
Having a healthy son, breastfeeding day and night.
Brick home in the burbs, cooked, cleaned, hardly a fight.
One day, it struck me I’d vanished right out of sight.

Who was the real me? A woman, Mom, wife? No dreams!
My husband said stop reading Ms magazine!
I jumped in my car to check the college scene,
Lit classes for sure, then I ran into a Nursing Dean.

Classes taught by professors, a challenge.
Soaked up every word, no more frivolous teen.
Worked weekends, study nights with caffeine.
So much energy; school, kids. I had time for everything.

Graduating, Dean’s List, I felt accomplished.
Medical school could be a future wish.
Passing the boards, on the path to success.
Nursing, my world of many roads for progress.

Offers came my way, even ICU.
Pick a place, RN’s could negotiate pay.
I chose a large hospital, 20 minutes away.
Nothing like school, life and death's real highway.

Despite bumps in life’s road, all is fine.
Had boxes all checked, a little girl this time.
Guess I got a little out of line.
I was told a request for babies wasn’t mine.

Luck was on our side, five years go by.
A delightful redheaded son to satisfy.
Two years at home seemed to fly.
Back to work, family bills to justify.

Years flew, a wondrous world to see.
The milestones of two lives given to me.
Work was hard but a rewarded journey.
My partner, always a gift, loved faithfully.

As a clock’s hand move, an hourglass turns,
I was thrown in tailspin I couldn’t discern.
Auto accidents happen, most aren’t a pattern.
Two in three weeks, now a life altering concern.

By Kathie Stehr
July 28, 2020

To be continued in Part Two
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