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About going to say goodbye for now to a great man Rep.John Lewis

I just don't get where are you going?
I'm going to pay my respects to a great man.
I just don't get it why are you going?
He has done so much for all mankind.
I don't get it ,it's a pandemic and you're still going?
I feel compelled to go this is that important.
I don't get it you didn't even know him so why are you going again?
I'm going because this is history in the making a great man has gone on home.
I don't get it, who was he, and what did he do?
He is only one of the greatest civil-rights activists of all time.
I don't choose to get it really I mean what has this man done for me?
Has he paid my rent or paid any of my bills?
Has he put a child of mines through college?
What has he done for me?
Poor, poor foolish one you don't get it truly you don't.
He has made sure you could vote and live in some kind of peace.
Taught us how to protest peacefully for what we believe in.
Taught us the importance of our vote.
He has taught us so much really how can you not know?
Well, bless your poor, poor soul I hope that one day you will try to learn more about what you don't know.
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