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Here are the fifteenth and sixteenth chapters of my story.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter XV: Ignatius' Epic Defeat

Cinder, Lavia, Hypnomind, and Marama are all about to defeat Ignatius Brenton and save the universe once again. "That was one wild ride," Hypnomind said.
"No kidding," Lavia said.
"You could say that again," Cinder added.
"I hope to never see that idiot again!" Marama complains.
A line of torches loudly light up as Ignatius enters with Waxer's head chopped off from a guillotine. "You don't say?" he said. When he showed up, he got six colored markings on his face from King Florine because he trusts him enough to conquer the Realm of Elements. The marking representing Ignatius is red, Ivy's marking is green, Zephyr's is white, Gaia's is yellow, Duskdy's is black, and Bayou's is blue. When one X Ender dies, the marking of Ignatius' face representing him/her will be removed.
"Is that Waxer's head I see?" Hypnomind asked.
"It sure is!" Ignatius answered. "I chopped off his head with a guillotine before you four weaklings got here." All the good guys gasped when he confessed to them about what he did to Waxer.
"I stand corrected..." Hypnomind said, remembering and hoping that everyone would come back alive.
Ignatius looks at Marama as if he looked familiar. "You, little boy, look awfully familiar, especially now that your Blue-Moon Amulet is restored," he said.
"Yes, but I remember you villains killing my old best friend and smashing my amulet," Marama said, "which got you banished from the Realm of Elements for good, but now you're back for revenge after less than five years! I just can't stand to see people die, especially right in front of my face! Somehow...I feel...light-headed..." He faints.
"That's too bad, little boy," Ignatius said to Marama. He crosses to Hypnomind. "As for you, Hypnomind Kinesis, I am the one who killed your brother, but I didn't kill Flameza."
"I knew it! I knew Psygene died because of you!" Hypnomind snapped. "We elementals want to live in peace, harmony, and freedom, but you want all of that to go away and make everyone suffer and live their innocent lives in slavery, captivity, misery, and-"
"SILENCE!" Ignatius stormed, interrupting Hypnomind. "Cinder Pyros, since you're the new hero of the Realm of Elements, you will have to face me all by yourself." He creates a circular volcanic wall around him and Cinder.
"Seriously?" Cinder asked in disappointment.
"I hate being outnumbered, doing fair play, and having audiences; that's all I'm saying," Ignatius answered. "Nothing extinguishes this volcanic barrier, not even water." He starts to feel pain and get weaker when the black marking on his face fades away. "Curse it!"
"It looks like your summoner, Duskdy, got defeated first, huh?" Cinder asked. "I guess that would give me an advantage."
"Shut up! Let's just get on with this already!" Ignatius shouted. They draw their swords and start to fight.
"I'm not much of a swordfighter, but whatever," Cinder said.
"Just die already!" Ignatius yelled. He feels even more pain when he lost the green and blue markings after Ivy and Bayou died. "Grr, I just lost Ivy and Bayou, too!"
"You six brutes are not destined to live, anyway."
"This is not supposed to end like this!" Ignatius yelled angrily. "The Realm of Elements was supposed to be my world, and you ruined it!"
"Listen to yourself! That's insane!"
"Why isn't fire coming out of my body when I'm angry anymore?"
"If you haven't noticed, you've lost three marking on your face already, which that's making you weaker."
Cinder and Ignatius resume their fight. "You're joking!" Ignatius yelled. "I can never lose my powers again! Only I decide who wins this fight, not you!"
"Since who made you the judge?" Cinder asked.
"It's none of your business, you weakling," Ignatius answered.
They keep fighting until Cinder wastes his stamina and collapses. "Shoot, I've just worn myself out..." he said.
Ignatius walks up to Cinder, ready to slay him. "I've told you before," he continues. "Nothing can stop me except my ego. Now just jet me-" Before he could finish off Cinder, he lost Gaia and Zephyr, and then the yellow and white markings on his face fade away. "Gaia, Zephyr, not you, too!" he screamed in pain.
When the volcanic barrier collapses, Ignatius tries to breathe fire but to no avail. "I can't even breathe fire anymore!" he screamed.
"You're through, Ignatius. It's over," Cinder said, walking closer to Ignatius.
"Get away from me!" Ignatius said, walking away from Cinder.
"Hey, Ignatius! Over here!" Lavia hollers out.
"You mess with our hero, and then you mess with all of us!" Marama exclaimed.
"Just the order I anticipated! Perfect!" Hypnomind said.
"You think this will help your friend defeat me? You're deluded!" Ignatius shouted back to Hypnomind's group as if he's annoyed.
"Light me, you mean-spirited ghoul!" Hypnomind fought back.
"What's wrong with a little support for our friends?" Lavia asked.
"You better finish off Ignatius, Cinder!" Marama cheers for him.
"Shut up! Just shut up! All of you, shut up!" Ignatius yells as if he's fed up with having an audience.
"I see, you don't like having live audiences, do you?" Cinder asked.
"That's it! I will kill you, all of you! I'll kill all of you at once if I wanted to!" Ignatius yelled.
They resume their swordfight, and then Cinder slices through Ignatius' body and finishes him off with a stab in the heart. Ignatius collapses and is about to die. "Well fought, Cinder," he said. "I guess I underestimated you. I want you to know that I neither killed Flameza nor stole any lame super weapon called the "Everdagger." You elementals will never defeat King Florine and the rest of his minions. I will be back, just you wait..." When he dies after saying his final words, the red marking on his face fades away.
"You did it! You defeated the leader of the X Enders!" Lavia cheered for Cinder.
"We are all so proud of you, Cinder!" Marama congratulated him. "That was really tough, wasn't it?"
"It sure was!" Cinder answered.
"You are going to defeat the Everdagger bandit and get it back, right?" Hypnomind asked.
Cinder is unsure about fighting the bandit. "I don't know, I-"
"You've got to!" Lavia said. "Do it for us, the Princesses, and most importantly, the Realm of Elements!"
"Please, stop it! You're embarrassing me!" Cinder said, pushing his friends away.
"Okay, sorry, what are we going to do now?" Hypnomind asked.
"We need to check on the others and see if they're okay," Cinder answered.
"They better be," Marama said.
"Okay, let's go!" Lavia said.
All the good guys exit, but they all leave Ignatius' corpse behind.

Chapter XVI: Back Together

Cinder, Lavia, Hypnomind, and Marama return to the rest of their friends who made it back alive, and everyone was exhausted from all the fighting. The seven elementals who didn't make it back alive were Waxer, Kilot, Volcanic, Nievuelo, Roberto, Sandbuck, and Tikili. Mostly everyone was crying that some of their friends died.
"I hope everyone makes it back alive after defeating the X Enders," Marama said. "If not, I'd be so upset."
"I'm sure everyone else besides Waxer has survived those battles," Hypnomind added. "Nobody else should sulphur from losing friends like we lost Flameza."
"We need to check on the others first before asking who didn't come back alive," Cinder said.
"I hope you're right," Lavia added.
"I was on a mantle breakdown (pun intended) and fainted when I saw that Waxer got his head chopped off," Marama said.
"Whoa, Marama," Hypnomind said. "I have never heard any puns from you! Have you been reading my mind about the 'puns' thing lately?"
"Sorry. And no, I can't read anyone else's minds unlike you," Marama said.
"Marama, you and I are spirit elementals," said Hypnomind. "A room with spellbooks is like a body without a soul."
"Witch me luck!"
Ratchet, Aerial, Bay Morrissey, Antimony, and Leafy walk over to Cinder's group to see them about their success against the X Enders.
"Hypnomind, Cinder, you're alright!" Ratchet exclaimed.
"It's so good to you all, too," Cinder said.
"Has everybody else besides Waxer come back alive?" Hypnomind asked.
"I'm afraid not," Antimony answered as if she's embarrassed about the loss of friends.
"What?!" Marama screamed in shock.
"I stand corrected," Hypnomind added.
"Then who else died in battle with the X Enders?" Lavia answered.
"Besides Waxer, like Hypnomind said, Volcanic, Nievuelo, Roberto, Sandbuck, Tikili, and especially my brother, Kilot, have all died in battle," Ratchet answered, feeling depressed about losing his one and only brother.
"You lost your brother, too?" Marama asked. "That's so sad!"
Ratchet positively answers Marama with a nod.
"We all wish everyone make it back and no one died besides the X Enders," said Bay. "Too bad, so sad!"
"Anyway, congratulations for defeating Ignatius, Cinder!" Aerial said.
"It's not a problem, Aerial," Cinder said. "Say, you five are the ones who finished off the rest of the X Enders before I defeated their leader, right?"
"That's right!" Ratchet answered. "I defeated Ivy after she killed my one and only brother."
"I defeated Duskdy before all of the others," Antimony said.
"I defeated Gaia before she wrecked me and tore me to pieces," said Bay.
"I defeated Zephyr before Cinder finished off the leader," Aerial said.
"Excellent!" Hypnomind said. "That was exactly the order I anticipated. Conflagrations to you guys!" He crosses over to Leafy. "That means you defeated Bayou after Ivy, right?"
"That's right," Leafy answered.
"Perfect! Where are the others?" Hypnomind asked.
"Everyone else is still waiting for you four to come back to them, but they're also crying and mourning for those died in battle," Aerial answered.
"Aren't we forgetting anything, monsieur?" Cinder asked Hypnomind.
"Yes, we're all forgetting about the Everdagger bandit!" Hypnomind answered. Everyone else gasped when they responded to him about the thief.
"You're right, Hypnomind!" Lavia said. "I saw some monster that had that super weapon that was aiming to kill me, and Flameza sacrificed himself to save my life!"
"Don't you remember that I shot an arrow in his chest to save you again, and then he walked away, possibly seeking revenge?" Leafy asked.
"Oh yeah. And that, too," Lavia answered.
"Well, we better warn everyone else about that monster that stole the Everdagger and get rid of him before he threatens to destroy Elemental City," Cinder added.
"Whoa there!" Hypnomind said. "We better start heading home first, and then we can prepare ourselves before facing that monster."
"I suppose. Anyway, let's go to the others who survived and go home," Cinder said. Everyone leaves to go check on everyone else.
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