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About what happens when a witch rules a little western town.
Oh, oh wow this old western ghostly town is beautiful and neat well mostly. What do I mean by mostly, well gather round lend an ear and pull up a chair. This little town has about forty or fifty people living here and they are happy well as happy as they can be under the circumstances. They go about their day taking care of their children, their horses, and mining in the nearby mines. You know just living everyday life but when night falls nothing is normal. An enemy is on the loose at night lurking and looking for a victim. A green mist floats through the village each night and kills anything it touches. So the townspeople and all animals that are left have to be inside with all doors and windows locked tight. It is told that an old witch named Covidloom who lives on the outside of town, she sends this mist. She was once banned from the town due to doing witchcraft. She said as she left she wouldn't rest until every member in the town was dead. There is hope however because a hero showed up about two weeks ago name Danny saying that he could rid the town of this old witch with the help of his Lord and his quick wit. Can he, will he is it possible that this town can be free?

Now lets back up a little bit because there are some details missing that may help you understand the story better or hopefully will at least make it more interesting. It happened a long while ago there was this little western town called Marchisle.This town around in like the 1920s.It's was a busy little town of about 400 to 500 people and steadily growing because of the mines. One of the miners had found a three kart diamond in one of the mines. Among the town's news visitors was a lady name Covidloom. She had come for a rest she said to see what all the fuss was about where there really diamonds in the mines or was it somebody cruel joke? She was strange but had kind of an odd beauty. You know the kind of beauty that is very unique, the kind you just can't put your finger on. You know she nice looking but there is no one thing you can point to that makes her beautiful.
She moved into a little shack all most on the outskirts of town but still in town. People began to say right from the start that they could hear strange noises coming from the shack and that the cats were disappearing and no one had seen a black cat since she moved to town. She was also always mumbling strange things to herself when she came into town. She didn't talk to anyone really and she was always yelling at the town kids to leave her alone and bug off. It wasn't too long before they started calling her a witch and running up to her door banging on it and running. This only made her angry she started coming out of her home with a broom and swatting any kid she could catch banging on her door and trying to run off. Well, this did not make her popular with the parents. They didn't take her side I am mean if she wasn't so weird and mean she wouldn't have to worry about the kids being mean to her. The town mayor went to his home one evening to try and talk to her and to get a good look around at her place.

Mayor Timothy showed up at the witch's house at about 5 pm. As he walks up the front path he seems 3 black cats laying on her porch and two in her big picture window in the Living room. The only window in the whole house really. The porch was old and ugly like it hadn't been painted or cleaned in years. On the front door was a sign that said beat it knock at your own risk. The door was worn and an ugly black it looked like someone has painted it but poorly. He swallowed and knocked, the cat's on the porch began to hiss at him. Just as he was about to retreat a woman came to the door and snatched it open. When she saw it wasn't a child she was a little calmer. She moved aside to let the mayor in after he identified himself. When he entered he saw at least six more cats laying on her bed in the corner. Three were black and two were white and one was brown. The floor looked like it hadn't been swept since she moved in and there were spider webs with spiders in them in every corner near the ceiling. The table in the middle of the room had jars on it small ones, medium ones, big ones with all sorts of things that couldn't be identified growing in them. There was a big setting chair in one of the corners of the room, it was big and blue, pink, red and green with flowers all over it, it was worn and threads were springing up everywhere on the chair. There was an old wooden kitchen chair setting at the table and the mayor decided to set in that. When he started to sit down a big black cat hissed at him and jumped in the chair. The witch or Covidloom as she called herself picked up the broom and playfully smacked at the cat. He jumped down and ran under the bed.

The mayor tried to find out what the witch's intentions were and if she planned to stay and how long? She would not answer any of his questions and she would often stare off into space for several moments. Then she would look up a smile and ask him a question. He was getting nowhere and nowhere fast. So he just let her know that the little town was glad to have any visitors that wanted to help the town grow and prosper but trouble makers of any kind would run off. She assured him she would be on her best behavior and then politely showed him the door saying she had work to do. Well, the mayor felt he had done his job after all she had been warned. So any action that followed would be justified or at least that was his take on things. Her behavior didn't improve so one day when she was in town the mayor put a padlock on the door with a note that said you have been evicted. The townspeople let her know in no certain terms that she was not welcomed, they also let her know that the mayor was putting eviction papers on her door. Covidloom was angry and she let them know that indeed she was a witch and she would make sure that all the people paid dearly for kicking her out of their town. She would make sure that they would not only be cursed but die. She moved all the way out of town in another little shack and began to plot and plan.
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