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Brief explanation about our precious life.
L- Life of love,hatred,pain and happiness
I - Instructions from the past experiences to build wonderful experiences
F - Fate and destiny tied up with dreams.
E - Eternal soul mates with mortal body to enjoy the beauty of life.

Life is beautiful. It consists of various emotional ornaments
They are happy, sad, hate, envy etc. It savors the life with memories. Life is not eternal, but the souls are eternal. Life becomes more fruitful when it is decorated with good fate and approachable dreams. Just think, you are standing on a rope. It is hard to balance on it but you have no other options. Your love is standing on the next side of the rope, if you want to hold your love you must endure it. You know that walking on a rope is dangerous. What will be my answer? Yes it is dangerous, if you step back you will be in regret. If you step forward, your happiness will step forward toward you. If you slip, you will be in depression, sad and anxiety. If your love steps back you will be in anger or jealous.
If your love step on the rope while you are standing on that rope you will loose your hope because rope may cut off. So only one who can move is you. If you endure with patience and witty move with confidence, you will reach your love as the meaning of your struggle and endurance. Rope is our life line. Love is our dreams. We don't know our destiny, still we must strive hard toward our dreams. Yet there will be hardships; We'll regret, If we let out our dreams. If we get our dreams without efforts or hardships may cease our patience or striving power. There will be lot of hardships till we reach our dreams. If we get diverted, we may loose or dreams and end up with regrets, agony and disappointment. What are you waiting for ? Step on the rope, I mean the life; don't regret later. You can say everything is fated. God may design the future according to our thoughts and willpower. Keep going!

Penning our thoughts is easy, but following it is yet much more difficult than anything. But still we can strive toward it.
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