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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Educational · #2228194
Jacque will be elected president for his nation but will he succeed.
Butterfly nation

“Camellia, would you please wrap my red nude around my wrist? Also, can you put me on my head, my golden crown?” Josephine, her friend, asks.
“Hurry up my friend! The nation's feast will start in a few minutes. The red fits you a lot”, Camellia says.
“The blue turquoise fits you a lot with your silver crown. You resemble a queen with your silver wings too,” Josephine says.

Butterfly nation is based on an island in the Atlantic. It equals a continent and it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from its east and west, and the Pacific Ocean in the north.
Butterfly nation is wealthy because of its silk qualified production. They produce great quantities of it and export to the archipelagos that surround them.

Jacque, the first leader welcomes everyone and says, I wish peace, wealth, and prosperity to our nation.
Jacque is a moth. He is always elegant. Today, with his chamois shirt and brown pants, he catches the eyes of the butterflies and motes females.

He continues his speech, “We are proud because we have succeeded to produce a new superior quality silk. It is used not only for fabric but for some technological devices. I declare open the 2200 feast. So get fun!”

The entire crowd starts to dance, sing, and eat some delicious dishes on the big buffet.
The streets are decorated with golden and multicolored silk and fabric.
A nice perfume of flowers is smelt over the nation. Even bees come to the feast. They are the best friends of butterflies and moths.

Laurence is Jacque's secretary. He is a moth. Laurence is from moths Island. He is arrogant and selfish. Laurence is a researcher. He is married to Jessica the most beautiful butterfly of this nation. Jessica was Jacque’s beloved but this is an ancient story.

Laurence says, “Jacque, we should bargain with human beings and raise our new silk prices”.
Jacque responds, “We are not alone in the market.”
“It is exclusive silk,” Laurence replies.
“I know but we should be wise overall,” Jacque responds.

Josephine says, “Hey look at there, Laurence has come.”
Camellia asks, “Are you still dating him?”
“Yes, but he seems weird these last days,” Josephine responds.
“Hey, he is married,” Camellia replies.
“But, he loves me,” Josephine replies.
“He is just a betrayal and one day he will do the same thing with you”, Camellia replies.

“We have managed a new factory and only hybrids butterflies that are born from a mixed reproduction, a butterfly and a moth, will produce our new silk (sBMpr33)” Jacque says.
“They are nourished from our tulips pollen. We have added a certain cereal protein to it,” he adds.

“This is at the experimental stage in the moths' island,” Laurence replies.
“Laurence you will supervise the reproduction,” Jacque says.
“Ok! But who will supervise the cereal production fields?” Laurence asks.
“Gill will do this, I am busy with the election,” Jacque replies.

“Elections?” Laurence asks.
Yes, I will be elected president of both butterflies and moths islands because of the success of my recent silk research.
“Congratulations !” He replies with bloody eyes.

“What’ makes the new silk so performed?” Laurence asks.
“The mixed reproduction yields to a new butterfly generation that gets new genes. One of the genes of the wings’ color is linked to the production of new silk. Its metabolism uses both proteins and iron. The silk thread is straightened by these elements. It can be used in human technology,” Jacque explains.

“Camellia rejoins her husband Jacque and says, I have brought some Turkish tulips germs, Josephine gave them to me, they are of best quality,” she says.

“The hydrides will be nourished with their pollen indeed. Please Camellia, consult them tomorrow and make me updated of their state”, Jacque says.
“It seems to me that Laurence is weird,” Camellia says.
What do you mean, Camellia?
“You still trust him? Do you remember what he did in the past?” She adds.
“Please Camellia, that was the past and now Laurence is an important policy personality. He has a great influence on the policy over Mote Island. We need him”, He replies

Camellia, please come on. Hurry up! Natalia says
What’s the matter? Camellia replies nervously.
“The hybrids caterpillars are giving twins, triplets, and quadruples hybrids. The center is full and there are not enough places. They are vanishing. We can no more take control of them,” Natalia says

Camellia does not believe what she sees. Clouds of moths and butterflies fill the sky over the center and many caterpillars invade the ground so that there is no place to take a step. It is full.
“What shall we do? They are invading the city too”, Natalia asks.
“We will keep those that are in the center and call for help for the others”, Camellia replies.

The city is full of frenetic moths and butterflies. They are wandering and have no specific shelter.
“Be cool! Each one of you should take care of these hybrids and you are required to lead them back to the center?” Jacque says when the crowd is shouting.
“How can we recognize them?” An old moth among the crowd asks.
“They all get a red spotting on their inferior side of their left-wing”, Camellia responds.

“Laurence, when can we get married?” Josephine asks hugging him.
“Josephine, I am still married, we cannot do this now but after the elections, I will be divorced and we will both get married,” Laurence responds with a faded glance.
“Have you offered the tulip germs to your friend Camellia, as I asked you?” He adds.
“Yes of course my love and she have appreciated it,” Josephine responds naively.
An artificial smile appears on Laurence's lips.

Three months later the tulips have grown and hybrids get nourished from their pollen.
Camellia is glad to notice the huge amount of kinds of hybrids. They are stronger and multicolored. Some new color nuances are noticed too. Their silk is of the best quality and yet Butterfly Island starts to export it. They earn a lot of money.
“Mark, Jacque is about to become the new president of the butterfly and moth islands, we should do something to prevent this,” Laurence replies.
“If he earns the elections, he will keep all the archipelagos and our wealth too”, he adds.
“My friend Simon is a moth, he is a candidate and he has got great popularity, I think he can win the elections too,” Mark replies.

Natalia calls the veterinary, the moth Gilbert.
“Natalia, please call camellia quickly, many caterpillars hybrids are dying and many cocoons are empty. I think it is a contamination and probably a virus”, Gilbert says.
“What? A virus?” Natalia replies with fear.
“I will assess the biological silk tests and make you aware of the confirmed diagnosis”, he adds.

“Jacque, hybrids are dying and the veterinary thinks it is because of a certain virus”, Camellia says to her husband.
“It’s a catastrophe. I will discuss with him so that he will do fast and confirm the diagnosis for tomorrow,” Jacque responds.
“It falls badly with the elections too”, Jacque adds.

“Laurence, I can no more date you”, Josephine says.
“Camellia has noticed that you come often here and you know she does not like you”, Josephine adds.
“Be cool! She cannot do anything and sooner you will be my wife and we will leave to the archipelagos”, Laurence replies sarcastically.

The veterinary is doing a police survey, and the results of the biological tests return positive.
“It is NANO sMBpr33 virus indeed, and it emanates from the tulips”, he declares.
Jacque puts on Camellia's desk, the veterinary conclusion, angrily.
Camellia has never seen Jacque in this state. She understands that something important is written on this paper.

Camellia goes to Josephine’s home and says screaming, “Hey there come on please!”
“You do not want to be revealed, dirty girl! You are just a betrayal!” Please leave with Laurence immediately for the archipelagos and don't forget the tulip germs.
Camellia returns back when she realizes that Josephine is not there.
She cries because she has lost her best friend forever.

The hybrid center has been sanitized and all the hybrids receive the needed care. Safe hybrids have been isolated and those that have been positive for the test receive a vaccine.
Laurence disappears and Jacque recommends the guards to arrest him.

Josephine goes to the archipelagos but Laurence kicks her.
With fear, remorse, and grief, she returns back to the butterfly island.
She decides to cooperate with Camellia and Jacque by revealing all.
To redeem herself and after her usual work as a teacher, she decides to volunteer for the hybrids center.

“Wow Jacque you have won the elections, my great gentleman”, Camellia replies with bright eyes.
He embraces her smoothly and hugs her and says, “We will transform both butterfly and moth islands and the entire archipelagos into one heavenly country.”

KHBEY/1479 words/Butterfly nation/ The 07/27/2020

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