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Founding of the Kingdom of Stelleto as told by its queen Ceri Cessel during a great war
My dear subjects of this great nation of Stiletto fear not these invaders Sea-Isil or Rugrez for we have suffered such invasions before and driven them away and we will do so again.Â

Even in our founding we beat down those who would take our freedom away !

It all began in the infamous year of God's Grief 865 of this Era of Sorrows with the alliance of three kings who had risen among the Luvi tribes that would become our lands.Â
The First was Deryn Yearn of Gwyn, once sent off the a monastery in his youth due to being the youngest son of the royal family of Gwyn but after the death of much of his house due to an terrible outbreak of the "Green Death" He was made king of his small kingdom, becoming known as Deryn "The Unlikely" or more commonly Deryn the "Abbot King" He was a pious man preferring to spend time praying and reading the consorting politics. Â

The Second was King Dyfed Deranburger of the petty kingdom of Dyzak. He was one of the few rulers among the Luvi that still practiced the old pegan faith instead of the Halmar faith that spread here from Fondor or the faith of our former elven overlords brought. He was force in his pegan beliefs and was determined to keep his land pure of outsiders. There are many of tales of his ill deeds and the blood sacrifices of his dark priests. His beliefs and actions gave him the nickname :Dyfed the dammed, or "The Demon king" by his rivals.Â

The Third and final King was Elissed Powyes, petty king of Luvinford, not too long before his family nearly lost all their land to king Aeron of Gwyn who launched a great invasion of the lands of Luvinford, but in his ambition caught the disease that killed much of his family during a sige. His son Deryn would see the folly of this war and offer peace to the young king Elissed, ending the war in white peace.  Deryn tried to make up with Luvinford offering peace and prosperity to his neighbor, But Elissed, though seemingly a weak and content king, never forgave and never forgot the harm dealt to his house by the Yearns.

The three met upon Eratin hill and swore peace and alliance upon the three relics of their rule, the Silver runed Bracer of Gwyn, The Black Adder Spear of Dyzak, and the golden broch of Luvin that represented Luvinford, forming the short lived Luvi coalition against their enemies. The soon untied all the Luvi tribes under this banner fighting off raiders from the North.Â

When Chosin Ivar Harading and his brothers began their invasion of Kamalear some of them took control of the small peninsula of Demonia, leading to worries of their expansion. It was do to this that the coalition allies with the Lear against the Stagari invaders, dispute the anger of Dyfed in ailing with non-Luvin Elvinis worshipers.  So the three kingdoms massed their amires and marched to aid the battered Kamalearn forced turing the war in their favor. They would meet in the final battle at the fords of Peric, where the warlord Ivar and king Arther Parahil of Kamalear each slew the other, and the brothers Harading each broke off their own chunk of Ivar's horde and left the battle to form their own kingdom. The eldest remaining brother Haestin settled in Demonia and soon set out plans to expand into the lands of Luvi only fearing the coalition.Â
But he came in luck soon after as after the final battle in Peric, Deyfed could stand alling with foreigners no longer and turned on his former Lear allies killing many, than ordering the purge of any barring Lear or Stagari blood from his lands in a brutal purge with white robed priests and chaos druids slaughter women and children in the streets. This disgusted the very pious Deryn who would begin reforms to counter this rival, breaking his oath and the great coalition by declaring war on his former pact mate an attempt to stop it. He called his ally Elisedd to aid him in stopping the madness, but indeed of replying with aid, he was insead sent a letter requesting that he bow before the Warlord Haestin, for in secret the young king of Luvinford had made a dark pact with his peoples allies. He claimed it was to save his people from the inevitable invasion of the Stagari , but it is more likely that he did this for power and revenge against his rivals, as he gained both by bowing to Haestin. eryn saw past the momentary gain and refused to bow to a heathen foreign king, and declared that he would fight and die for his people's freedom. Forming his armies againn now joined by a volunteer force led by the Lear knight Alfred Alrmerin against the forces of Dyfed and Haestins. And in November he reached the capital of Dezak to find it burned and massicered already by the Stagari with many of Dyfed's house brutally put to death. Dyfed himself was not killed there and massed what's left of his army to reclaim the ruins of his keep meeting Deryn's host outside of the flames in a final battle. Deryn would emerge from the battle victorious and Dyfed would be slain in the battle. Deryn offred pardon to all those forces of Dezak that would aid him against the host of Haestin and the traitor Elisedd and most joined the host of the Abbot king as they marched agist the vile forces of darkness.  They fought many sermeshes before finally clashing outside the small town of Lavak . Here the three kings clashed and the brave sons of Luvi made their final stand . Deryn fought bravely with his men slaying many of the invading host with his silver hilted sword, which inspired the colors of our nations banner. But in the end the numbers of the Stegari were too great and the fire of their dark god too great. Deryn saw only one way to victory remembering the breaking of the host at Peric Ford at the death of Ivan Deryn made a charge against Haetins bodyguard hoping to make the same sacrifice Arther Parahil did months earlier. But his charge was interrupted by the riders of Elisedd who broke down the ranks of the Gwyn, and ran through the noble king Deryn. Deryn wasÂ
dragged form the battle by two of his remaining allies Alfred Alderman and Gael Maddox but he soon died from his wound with a final prayer for his people's safety.Â

With their great king dead and best warriors scattered and being cut down one by one, the host of Gwyn soon were overrun and broke with many fleeing, but others many from among the survivors of Dezak choosing to fight to the last man against their hated enemies. Â

With this battle Haestin Harading secured his hold over the lands of the Luvi, and his ally Elissed bowed before him with the (supposed) Bracers of Gwyn, The Black Adder Spear of Dyzak, and the golden broch of Luvin.  The conquered lands were handed out by Haestin to his servants and allies with much being given to the traitor Elisedd who not only kept his lands but took large chunks of Gwen and Dezak as well, the remainder of Dyzak and parts of Domanian were given to the Warlord Artorias Nannum, and the last of Gwyn was left to Kara the Daughter of Deryn who Elisedd was quick to engage himself with in order to control her land. But upon arriving in the capital of Rhos he found that this Kara and the bracers he gave to Haestin were fakes, with the true ones being brought out of the burning lands by the priest Howell of Gwyn  across the northern sea. With the Court of Kamalear suffering the crisis that comes with an infant king he instead took her far from her home to the lands of Andeal. Â

20 years passed by as our people suffered under the yoke of fogin rule. Haestins was able to hold his lands dispute the hate due to replacing many slain lords with his own Stigari warriors and the fear of this fate lead many of the Luvi lords and chieftains in bitter compliance, save for Eliseedd who sat in his own hall happy and well fed with his wife the fake Kara by his side. But this was not to last as the foolish pegan king decided to allow his puppet Artorias to lower the tribute he payed to his own governors and laxed on his adherence to the Sari-Vaku set of laws that the Stagari adhered to. This angered the local Stagari warrior lead by ivaring veteran Halfdan Oakzurd, rose up and hacked the upstart Artorias appart in anger that a local would gain more favor with their king than them. This would result in a disaterius conflict between them and the local Luvi chieftains rustling in the deaths of two thirds of the local population of the provence, and the basic extinction of the demonian culture. Instead of punishing Halfdan and his gang Haestin rewarded them with the lands of the murdered chieftains, further angering the Luvi people. Â
It was at this time that Kara Yearn returned. She had spent the last 20 years in the court of Andeal, and had befriended the lady queen Annabel D'Velmont, who was the true power behind her lazy husband, helping to uncover a conspiracy against the crown. As a reward for this the queen offered her old friend a single favor, and Kara asked simply for support in liberating her people and so she was given a fleet and army. She said farewell to her old friend before leading this borrowed army back to her home that she had been away from for far to long.Â

As she arrived moths later the Elisedd was quick to send an army to stop her and end this threat to his plans, but in a twist of brutal irony, the betrayer was betrayed when the army instead of fighting the army and arresting Kara instead joined her host to liberate their homeland. As she reached the place of her birth Elisedd quickly fled leaving the castle in her hands. On the pew of Deryn she gave a speech and showed the braceres she wore, noting the mark of the elven lord that Monda Luvin took it from during the fall of Inlawsee proving that it, and in turn she was true and the people of Gwyn bowed before their true queen. Harps were played and songs were sung as she was crowned and promised to free all the Luvi people from Haestin. And so she massed a great army her own forces joined by local chieftains and peasant rebels, as well as old warriors who had been fighting in the hills for years such as Alfred Alderman and Gael Maddox who all swore themselves to the true queen of the Luvi.Â

Fleeing this Elisedd rode to the court of Haestin telling of what happened . Haestin was quick to gather his warriors and any who remained loyal to Elisedd and march to war. He marched with Halfdan on his right flank and Elisedd to his left august what he thought was just another rebel uprising, but soon found himself ambised all all sides by the folk of this land and forced to battle in the highlands were he had disadvantage, as arrows and sling bullets flew into his army from every direction. Kara lead her forces against the army of Haestin as the two monarchs clashed in fierce battle. Many died on both sides but in the end the sheer determination of us Luvi won out as Haestin died in the fray and his forces were broken and brought low. Halfdan was put to the sword for his massacre by Alfred and Elisedd was bought in chains before Queen Kara the woman he thought he married.  Mercy was shown to his family, who were allowed to go free, but not to him as he was tide to a spoke and put to a brutal death by the vary people he thought he was going to lead. With Haestins death his twin sons turned on one another for his kingdom and they were soon defeated by the victorious Kara moths later, with the elder of the two Hobbert holding the peninsula of Domaria for a few decades before the conqueror became the conquered . Kara built her new capital on the hill of Eratin where her father and supposed allies made their failed pact, and would make the kingdom of Stiletto, the land of Sharp blades, named after a speech by Haestins.Â

And we folk of Stiletto, sons and daughters of the Luvi are still here having drive back the Stagari, the Nordari, the Sea-Isili, Lear, and even the Fomorian horde none did success and taking our freedom! And none shall not until the end of Days!Â

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