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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2228221
The orign of the fey blessed kingdom of Kamalear
This is the Tale of the Foundation of the Great Fay Blessed Kingdom of Kamalear.

          After the Fall of Great Inlawswee to Atif Landran and the collapse of the Empire of the elves. The Last Emperor, Alberich Kiesel, gave his remaining lands in the central Continent to his human supporters Elroy Eiffel and Barden Pendil. To Barden and his people the Lear was given the lands just south of the Song elf lands of Eldishan a place a long sandy beaches and thick forests of oak and Yew a place known to the elves as Kama. Here the once tribal Lear settled down and build many villages and farmlands. There they prospered until as Bardan was feeling the sting of old age, a dark worlock came upon his lands. He was an old enemy of the Lear, Ephraim Vonner who was among the followers of Atif in his destruction of the Elven Empire. He brought with him a great corruption that followed him about do to a cures he gained during the sac of Inlawswee. It poisoned the land with a terrible blight that blacken and killed the Lears crops and redert the surviving plants in edible. Â
          The dark mage also brought with him horrible things enslaved goblins, and sprites twisted by his dark magic. With these armies he raided the Lear taking many of there people away as slaves. Bardon lead many defensive strikes against this enemy but he was no longer the young man who fought in the Fomorian Crisis and he feared what would happen to his people when he was gone, and sent forth messengers seeking to find his successor.Â

   At this time a young lad named Algar Peredhil had just fled from his home to escape being conscripted into the warlocks army. He ran through the woods chased by several humans and goblins when he ran into a wandering elf. Nor Feiror was his name, a former member of the elven armies. He was a wizard and used his magic to hide, and than brought him to the grove of Krim.

brought him to the forest of Avalor. Here the two were brought to the fay citadel of Krim to meet with the lady of lights Iolanda Silver-rift. She spoke with a soft sweet voice. "Welcome my young friend to my home... what brings you here?"
"I'm just trying to escape Vonner's horde." Spoke AlgarÂ
"So came here. To hide from the shadows with the light... I good strategy but this is not your destiny young man."
"What is my destiny than?"
" That is for you to find out... Seek the daughter of Bardon Pendil... She knows what you seek." With that the sprite disappeared.

          Meanwhile the Lear were preparing their defence against Vonners raiders
Just six months prior five warlords bribed by Vonner's promise of eternal youth came upon the keep of Bardan Pendel and attempted to lute and pillage the place, but they were fought off by The old chieftain and his daughter with two of the warlords being slain.
          Bardon was old and knew he had not long left and so sent his daughter Edith to find someone to become the new chieftain when he was gone. So Edith went off and made a challenge that if any could defeat her in single combat they would become the heir of the Lear and as a further incentive she also offered her hand in marriage. Edith was a beautiful young woman inheriting the looks of her elven mother as so many young men came to attempt of wedd her thinking that they could easy beat her. They were wrong however as Edith was not just a pretty face but also a capable fighter, having slain Morgim Verhelm, a tough Honif warrior during the raid six months ago. The fact she was skilled with the sword caught many of the champions off guard and many were defeated by her including Ribald Bealdwine a skilled warrior from the North.

          It was than did Algar and Nor, enter the tournament camp. They had come to meet with Edith and follow the Sprite's instructions. As they entered the Camp they witnessed the swordsman Beric Lovegood attempt to daul the young woman but even with his skill in battle he was no match for the swift strikes of Edith and soon was forced to yield. Edith yelled if anyone else wanted to face her causing several knights to step back revealing the young Algar. She asked him if he was here to compete for her hand, and Algar smitten by her beauty and believing this is what the fairy was talking about agreed.Â
          The two began their fight and in the beginning it looked as if the woman would win yet another victory. Than as he was about to collapse from the great blows of the Edith Algar was filled with renewed strength, and recovered returning the blows back at the woman. He did not know where this strength came from but he did not question it as it turned the tide of the fight in his favor. With one blind and skilled strike he stuck at Edith's gauntlet causing her to drop her sword. She was surprised by this skill and yielded to the young man before taking him to see her father.
          Bardon was surprised by this as he had not known who the boy was and asked his name, to which he replied Algar Peredhil. Bardon smiled at this and procamed Agar his heir and made him the new defender of the Lear. This surprised Algar who attempted to leave, but he was stopped by Edith and Bardon's guardsman Trotter Engelard. Bardon told him that his people needed a new leader and that the sprite Iolanda Silver-rift had sent him here to help them. Algar hearing this reluctantly agreed and set forth to gather followers. He was quickly joined by Edith and Trotter as well as the failed champions Beric and Ribald .
          The Group left the camp and headed south to the lands of Cousland, a holding of the Lear left untouched by Ephraim's followers. Here they convinced the fearful leader of the village Oeric Marsh, to help stop the warlocks rise, and join their company. Oeric quickly gathered his best warriors and joined the young Algar's march. Before leaving the found Aldith the daughter of Ephraim Vonner, trying to sneak into the town.They questioned her believing her to be a spy but found out that she in fact had run away from her father after learning the truth of her mother's death, one of many sacrificed in his search for immortality. She had originally come to hide in the village but instead she joined with Algar to help stop her father.Â

          The group journeyed around the lands of the Lear recruiting many young warriors to their cause including the silent Aloc Winfos, and the bold Ricbert Toller. And they met many heros that joined them.
          In the village of Lancaster they met the archer Justin Fletcher who offered his skills to Algar and company inorder to defend his people.
          Around that area they met Lordac Jaltorn a half elf who lead a group of woodsmen in fighting off Vonnar's raiders. After much persuasion and bribes the men joined with the Lear leaving their woods behind.Â
          On the road north they met with Itholel Hoekje an Aldean Pureblood that had wondered the lands of Keyvaile all of his life. He wished to find himself and joined with the Lear.
          They also met the dragon knight Emma Halafi, who as a young girl was taken captive by bandits, she escaped her captors and was taken in by an elven veteran Neynio who trained her in combat. She wished to prevent such things from happening to others and learning of Vonnar's kidnappings joined his enemies.Â
           Believing he had found enough followers he returned to Bardon to prepare to fight off the invaders. The Lear Marched on Vonnars fortress of Droskyn an besieged it. One night during the long sige Algar was visited by Iolanda who told him of his destiny in building a great kingdom, and gave him Loyalty, a sword that had belonged to the elf knight Kie Nessim before his death at the disaster of Retom. He took the sword and lead his forces into battle.Â

          A few days later the forces of Ephraim carved out from their dark fortress lead by Egbert Balbost. The fighting was harsh but the champions emerged victorious thanks to reinforcements from Andeal. Algar fought Egbert in single combat and won, but spared the knight of Vonner. The Knight swore an life oath to Algar and though he refused to help slay his former comrades he became very loyal to Algar ever afterwards.Â

          Eventually the forces of Lear broke thru the walls of Droskyn and charged into the dark fortress' courtyard. The battle was fierce with many warriors dieing on both sides. Ephraims great orc bodyguard was slain by Edith
and the Andeal traitor Phillip the Viper was killed by the young former farmboy Garrath Cheesewright. All of the Lears champions showed great bravery and Skill defeating many of the enemy. Eventually the two mages Nor and Itholel broke through the Warlocks defensive barrier and they charged into the keep to confront him. Algar fought the Warlock in single combat and slew him with the Blade of Kie Nessim.Â
   The remaining warlords surrendered as without Ephraim and his offers of eternal youth they had no real reason to fight. And the Lear were left in peace.

Bardon lived for a few more years after this before passing on from old age at the old age of 99, leaving Algar the chieftain of the Lear. As chieftain he expanded their lands and power. Eventually he was crowned king by Iolanda and founded the Fay Blessed Kingdom of Kamalear for his people.

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