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A poem about water. P. S. This is my first time writing a long poem, plz don't judge.

Water, it rushes and sprays,
Water, oceans, rivers, and lakes,
Without it it raises the stakes,
Water, it is the greatest thing nature makes.

Our bodies are mainly made of water,
It cools you down as it gets hotter,
The only thing that can cure thirst is water,
Water, it's always costs less than a dollar,
But it's value is above gold and a diamond offer.

Water, It carves entire basins,
It uses a cycle of destruction and creation,
evaporation, condensation, precipitation,
Eventually it fills entire river basins,
It can submerge entire nation.

Water, destructive but full of creation,
It can throw at us waves of limitation.
It's safe to say it has made a manifestation.
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