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It is time for disclosure and new blood in the back engineering of ET artifacts.
Today FOX News had a blurb on Extraterrestrials (ETs). They went on at great length showing that contrary to what we are being told the Military is still very involved in ETs particularly the Navy. Keep in mind that the Navy has been a leader in the quest and was effectively shunted aside with the creation of the Space Force. That decision must have absolutely driven them batty. Clearly their vision was that they should have been the Service to head up the effort. Instead it was the Air Force (AF). Why do you suppose the AF got the gold ring on the cosmic merry-go-round instead?

The answer is that the AF acquired most of the early artifacts and succeeded, in a remedial sort of way, at transferring the technology into very useable hardware. However, the real strength of the AF had less to do with what they did in back engineering the alien technology and more with their expertise in Operational Security. The Navy finished a close second but there was no prize for first runner up. I can only imagine how brutal the infighting must have been.

The Navy would have been a better choice because they are already a Service with ships, an army (Marines) and an Air Force. In addition they have submarines which are as close to space craft as it gets. Add to this the SEALs which is the premier special operating force. Finally their expertise in electronic warfare was truly visionary. The problem they've experienced in recent years is the damage they have done to blowing the greatest coverup in history. The first major revelation was the Admiral Wilson notes. The second took place when the Nimitz Carrier Group discovered the "Tic-Tacs" off the East Coast of California.

In a nutshell the Admiral Wilson notes showed that Dr. Stephen Greer was correct! There were private aerospace agencies operating without legal oversight. While a Deputy operating on the Joint Chief's of Staff Wilson tried to contact one of these agencies and his attempt revealed two things. The first was that he would not be "Read In" because he did not have a "Need to Know." This showed that there were "Deep State" entities operating outside the Oversight Loop. Money was being appropriated for projects that were so black that only those with the "Secret Handshake" knew they even existed. The second revelation was that these private agencies were involved in the back engineering of ET hardware the government had come to possess and worse still was the admission, that the back engineering was proceeding with "Agonizing Slowness." If Bob Lazar ever found redemption it was at the hands of Admiral Wilson.

The second major revelation came from four Navy seamen on the Nimitz carrier group. These four were insiders on the Tic-Toc incident. The came forward together and blew the lid off any hopes of covering up incident. For the first time there was a "Smoking Gun" showing that the Navy had encountered an alien presence that demonstrated capabilities far beyond anything our defense forces could manage. As a result the American Public got to see the gun camera footage that such alien craft actually exist. Despite the "Word smithing" (Changing UFO to Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP) the words mean the same thing. It sounds like President Clinton's famous words, " ...well that depends on what the definition of IS, is."

Like Clinton, if lies would have sufficed in weaseling out of the Admiral Wilson and the Tic-Toc revelations the powers to be would have. Since they couldn't the time had come to suck it up and put the best shade of lipstick on this irrefutable evidence that UFOs exist. The ETs have been around a long time, and we have been successful in retrieving and attempting to back engineer crashed alien hardware. For seventy-five years Americans have been kept in the dark as to what was really going on because knowledge is power. The nation that figures out how these craft operate will essentially rule the planet. The Nation that figures out Anti Gravity, first will have a power that makes Atomic Bomb look like a Cracker Ball.

And that is what this is really all about! Imagine the frustration, the past seventy-five years, knowing the Extraterrestrials exist, having their crashed technology in hand and not being able to figure out how the damned stuff works? A big part has to do with security. We have not had the "First Team" working the problem. It is more important for the gatekeepers to keep the outside world in the dark than in figuring out how the technology operates. If you haven't listened to Bob Lazar, then search his name and listen to his interviews. Before he got caught he was in the hanger with an alien craft, "The Sports Model" and crawling atop the anti-gravity drive. Still, Lazar is but one tree. There are many more such as the two big ones described above. There is a whole forest of credible observers each providing their unique perspectives on the coverup. There is a veritable forest of testimony staring us right in the face. For God's Sake America, WAKE UP! Don't get suckered into fixating on just one piece of evidence. The four letter agencies can take any one incident and make a rabbit look like a donkey. Step back and see the totality of what has been happening. There have been monumental events taking place, kept from the public eye, evidence which is vital to the interests of each and every one of us. The GATEKEEPERS have had three quarters of a century to figure things out and are still no closer to the answers than when the whole coverup started at Roswell New Mexico. It's time we fired these incompetents and handed over the baton to a new generation of scientists.
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